Only Fruits for Breakfast

The research and studies are still going on, on the subject. But, otherwise, it is well established, that we should have Only Fruits for Breakfast. Fruits in the morning hours is very beneficial for health and is very effective in handling even in chronic fatal ailments like Cancer.                                                                                   I am hereby putting the reasoning behind Fruits for Breakfast from Ayurvedic & Modern Science Perspective:

  1. Sweet Taste is comprised of Earth + Water and Sour is Earth + Fire, and as such, fruits which are sweet and sour, could seriously vitiate Kapha in the body if consumed in late evening or night time (1800-2200: Kapha Time & No Sun => Reduced Metabolic Processes),
  2. As High in Ojas (Subtle component of Kapha), adds to Kapha (Plasma Chyle, The Sustaining Force) & gives energy boosts to Body Metabolism (which actually is due to phytochemicals present in the fruits). We don’t wish to have it late evening/after sunset for a peaceful night’s sleep,
  3. Active Metabolic-Detoxification Cycle is Most Active in Morning Hours of around 7-11 AM. So even though approximately 0600-1000 is Kapha Time, Taking fruits doesn’t vitiate Kapha in the morning, rather cleans up – dissolves ‘The Bad Kapha’ and helps in its excretion from the body. smooth Morning elimination of wastes due Fruits is also due High Fibrous Content of fruits – No Damn Constipation (& Cancer/s) Forever!
  4. Fruits are full of The Natural Sugar-Fructose, which though Easily Digestible-Assimilable-Absorbable in the body should not be taken or taken in minimal quantities, late in the day, due diminishing solar energy & Body Metabolism at the low point. Also, 0600 PM – 1000 PM is the Kapha Time, before the end of which we should preferably go to sleep,
  5. After the full night’s sleep, there is dryness in the body (The Sweating too contributes to this), and what better internal healthy moisturising agent that fruits (Due high Water content; Sweet = Earth + Water),
  6. Ayurvedically, Sweet (or मधु in Hindi) gets digested before any other taste, and hence must be eaten before any other meals. Thus Fruits (Mostly Sweet….and Sour) must be the first thing in the morning, to keep the digestive system intact.

As we get up, Honey + Lemon could be taken, a great blood-Kapha cleaner. But then The Honey should be 100% Organic (Non-GMO bees & Non-GMO Fruits the bees feed on). Do have a look at The Page Our Health Kit. The contents of The Health Kit should belong to each one of us First Aid box…

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