Organic-0% Sugar-Non Gmo Honey


What it is??!! This is the Pure-Organic-Non GMO Honey. No Genetic Engineering & No chemicals of any sort (Be it chemicals laden-toxic pesticides-insecticides-weedicides…) have been used in the manufacturing process.  
Nowhere has the Honey been heated during the manufacturing process.
Indication: Pure-Organic-None artificial Sugar added Honey is an Energy Booster, Blood Cleanser-Thinner & is a Boon for any (well most!) Kapha related disorders (Obesity, Fatigue-Lethargic, Bloating, Water Retention, Congestion-Sinusitis, Impaired Digestion, Painful Joints…). 
Direction: 1-3 Tsp Once-Thrice a Day (…As per individual’s health condition) + a finely cut clove of garlic + 2-3 Tsp. fresh lemon juice.
Contra-Indication: Never-Ever use Honey with hot drinks & never drink/consume heated Honey.
Pricing: Just Rs. 275/ for 1/2 Kg. Bottle. Special Discount (10%!) on buying 2 or more bottles.

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