Purgation-Virechana Karma

Purgation-Virechana Karma signifies inducing Bowel Movement, with or without the use of specific Herbs. The Process is administered in case of Vitiation of Pitta alone or Vitiated Pitta along with other Doshas, such that Pitta is predominant. The Process-Karma Primarily deals with clearing out Vitiated Pitta-AMA from G.I.Tract-Small Intestines-Liver-Gall Bladder & thereby purifying Blood. The appropriate subjects would, in most cases, show Pitta Vitiated symptoms-signs, such as Chronic High fevers, Discoloured Patches on Face,

The Therapy: Prior Purgation, the appropriate subjects (as per state of Doshas-G.I. Tract) is made to undergo Oleation (Internal & external-For easy elimination). This is then followed up by Swedana- Sweating Therapy, and Emesis (2-5 Days). The Purgatives are best given at the end of Kapha Prominent Times (Morning & Evening).
If the nature of Alimentary Tract is soft, with predominance of Pitta, even milk purgatives (Such as Milk) would cause purgation. In case of Vata predominance (Such as Hard-Dry Alimentary Tract-Abdominal Region, even strong purgatives (Such as Castor Oil (+ hot water) would cause purgation with difficulty. Please Note:

  • If Vata is predominant, purgation should be done with herbs having Unctuous, Hot & Salty qualities;
  • If Pitta is predominant, purgation should be done with herbs having Astringent and Sweet tastes-qualities and
  • If Kapha is predominant, purgation should be done with Pungent Herbs.

If bouts of purgation do not commence, one should drink Hot Water, and fomentation to be done with warm cloth/palms. For weaker people or those with dry Alimentary Tract, Oleation & Swedana is done for a week or a bit more, after which Purgation is done.
Best season is late spring to early summer. After Purgation, Oleation is again preferred.

Indications-Suitable for: All Pitta Vitiated Disorders anywhere in the body. Purgation-Virechana Karma is or could be useful in Microbial Infections-Severe Body Intoxications (Fevers, Poisoning, Helminthiasis-Worm Infection/s, Cholera…), Immune System-Metabolic-Digestive-Abdominal Disorders (Such as Oedema, Abscesses-Tumours, Anaemia, Diabetes, Goitre, Vomiting, Indigestion, Anorexia, IBS, Spleen Disorders-Splenomegaly, ), Rasa-Raqta vitiation-intoxication due High Pitta affecting Circulatory System (Burning Sensation in Chest, oral Cavity or head Region, Internal-Upward Haemorrhage, Constriction of Heart Channels, Jaundice, Blindness-Other Vision Defects, Cataracts-Other Eye Disorders, Headaches…Skin Disorders such as Acne-Pimples, Leprosy, Small Pox, Erysipelas, Eczema, Psoriasis…), Respiratory System Disorders (Dyspnoea, Cough, Asthma…), Genito-Urinary Disorders (such as Suppression of Urine, Colon Pain-Colitis, Fistula, Reproductive System Disorders including Infertility…), Neural Disorders (Insanity, Epilepsy…)…
For  those  who  haven’t  had  Vamana  (Emesis), there are 3 days of Snehapana (Consumption of Oil), followed by 3 days of  body  Oleation  and  Sudation (Swedana-Sweating)  before  beginning Virechana (Purgation).
In cases such as where Vata is highly prominent (such as Dry alimentary canal) or we are dealing with High Digestive Fire or Purgation Procedure/Herbs does not produce the desired result, and the purgatives are being digested/absorbed prior their action, Enema is done prior purgation.
Purgation-Virechana Karma in all such cases as above expels excess Pitta from body and works like one super cool Fire-Extinguisher.

Contra-Indicated-Un-Suitable For:

Purgation-Virechana Karma is not recommended for Recent Fever, Poor Digestive Fire, Weak-Emaciated Bleeding Disorders of downward trend (Ulcers of Rectum or Dysentery) In which case/s we give Laxatives)…
It is also not recommended for specific cases such as for ones who have recently received a Decoction Enema, have hardened faeces and/or are greatly lubricated.

The Purgatives:

Mild Purgatives: Fresh Fruits (Such as Papaya, Mango…), Boiled A2-Milk + A2-Ghee, Trifula with warm water, Boiled A2-Milk with Ghee & Cinnamon, Flaxseeds, Aloe Vera, Haritaki…
Strong Purgatives: Castor Oil, Castor Oil & Trifula in the ratio 1:2 with Hot Water, Jaiphal, A2-Desi Gaudhan Ark… 

Post Virechana Diet: One should start with a very light diet and gradually getting it back to normal, such as Rice & Lentil Pulse (Dal) Soup.

The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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