Ready Reckoner: Eating Habits–Lifestyle Changes Applicable to Most (If Not All) Disorders

Dear Friends,

Please understand, this website is in no way substitution for the ‘Professional Medical Help’. In the same breath, I wish to re-iterate that Ayurvedic Scriptures state that if we understand a bit about our body and about what we eat or drink, as high as 75% (+) of diseases can be taken care of to a large extent. This obviously does not consider the Congenital-Genetic Disorders.

Now, following Eating Habits–Lifestyle Changes are applicable to most (if not all) disorders and must be as strictly adhered to as practicable. The Eating Habits–Lifestyle Changes to be followed are:

  1. Usha-Paan: ½ – 2 Glasses Fresh Water, Empty Stomach, as you Get up in the Morning, Rinsing => such that Saliva Formed During the Night, Goes Inside the Body; Rinsing habit may be adopted whole day long; Please drink water while sitting only (& Never while standing!),
  2. Again, have food-meals only while sitting (Best is Sukhasana),
  3. Try herbal alternatives to chemical tea! (Try going only for Organic Gud Tea, with Lemon or Cumin or Carom or Arjuna Bark),
  4. 40 Minutes before and 1.5 Hours after Food, Just Don’t Drink Water – ½ cup of warm water may be had, as required,
  5. Aluminium Utensils (Especially Cookers) are Killers!, Go for ‘Kansa’, ‘Peetal’, ‘Silver’.. utensils or at least Dip Your Pulses overnight – to reduce number of whistles,
  6. Discard White Salt => Go for Rock or Black Salt,
  7. Discard White Sugar => Go for Gud, Jaggery, Honey (Pure),
  8. If you do get organic vegetables-fruits, consume peels!
  9. Discard Refines Oils – Use Only Filtered-Unprocessed Mustard-Black Sesame Oil for cooking,
  10. Completely avoid Buffalo Ghee-Milk => Go for A-2-Pure Desi Cow Ghee-Milk, or Buffalo Ghee & Toned-Double Toned Milk BUT NEVER JERSEY COW PRODUCTS,
  11. Breakfast Time: Only Seasonal Fruits + Black Pepper, Small & Big cardamom, Add a Drop of H2O2 (Food Grade);
  12. Lunch Time: Avoid Curd (Heavy & Hot) Go only for “Butter Milk + Black Cumin Seeds + Kalaunji”;
  13. Early Dinner, by Max. 2000 is great or at Least 20 Minutes walk after Dinner;
  14. Please do not – Never-Ever have Raw Onions and/or Rice at Night; Onions & Rice are only to be Consumed in Day-Lunch Time,
  15. Milk only in Night Time – After Your early Dinner,
  16. No Soft Drinks-Pizza-Burger, Go for Paani Puris-Golgappas Instead!
  17. Excessively Cooked/Roasted Food/Repeatedly used Same Cooking Oil Immediately Increases Bad Cholesterol in the Body,
  18. Please Never – Ever have Refrigerated-Stale Food – Eating Food Cooked in Morning in Evening Time or Refrigerating food Cooked in Evening and Having it Next Morning is Not Just Bad But dangerous Habit for ALL Ailments-Diseases,
  19. Please do not consume Soya Bean stuff-if Possible,
  20. There are many other carcinogens in our life such as Microwaves or plastic water containers, but all can’t be written here, one should start making some changes him/her selves and must devote some time to start knowing our divine body & carcinogens deliberately put into the system to make money on our deteriorating health!!

Please Note Following:

  • For Detailed Explanation to each one of above points, visit posts under following category (Right Here, In This Website!): “Lifestyle & Eating Habits”.
  • For Videos Explaining Many of above Points Visit: You-Tube Channel “StayHealthyTill70”.
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