Refined Oils Vs Natural-Filtered-Unprocessed Oils

I am convinced this one change was deliberately fed into our society else Making Money “Due a Sick Society” would been simply impossible!! The Intelligent & Scientifically Correct thing to do is to go in for only Natural-Filtered-Unprocessed Oils (Best Choice as per scriptures being Black Sesame Oil followed by Mustard Oil).

Ingredients of Refined Oils:                                                                                 The refined oils are made using 4-5 chemicals and double refined oils are made using more than 15-16 different type of chemicals. These processes remove all the viscosity of the oils, and this viscosity of the natural oils, in their un-processed forms is what is extremely required to keep the blood clean-pure & prevents formation of cholesterol in the blood (If you have ever touched-felt your Blood – It indeed is viscous and thus all body parts survive only in the viscous environment provided by our Blood & The Modern Science calls Non-Viscous Refined Oils as Healthy!! No Comments!

More on dangerously Stupid Cholesterol:                                                       Formation of cholesterol is the start of problems in the body => Followed by Increase in Blood Pressure => Followed by Much Reduced Excretion of Insulin by pancreas => Increase in Blood Sugar => Over time leads to diabetes & Serious Toxicity of Body Cells-Tissues-Organs…

The Slipperiness-Viscosity or Unctuousness is mentioned at ‘n’ number of places in ‘Charaka Samhita’, ‘Ashtanga Hridyam’ & Other Ayurvedic Scriptures.                     While I was studying Original Ayurvedic Texts, above reasoning was enough to convince me to brink about this change in my life but if it is not for you, Just come to think about it…If Indeed Refined-Double Refined Oils are Healthy, and Large Percentage of People Today are Indeed using These Oils, Why The Hell Graph for People Suffering from LDL-VLDL-Triglycerides-Heart Blockages-Diabetes-Tumours-Chronic Constipation-Migraines-Cancers Just Keeps on Increasing…

Hundreds of Research Reports-Studies-Personal Experience of Self/Family-Advise (Advise completely Personal Opinion & Not valid for Medico-Legal Cass!) given to Scores of Sufferers (At the hands of Modern Developments in the eating Habits) on “Changing over from Refined to Organic-Natural-Filtered-Unprocessed Oils (Black Sesame Oil or Mustard Oil)” have all Pointed only to The Positive Health Effects on Individuals.

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