Refrigerated-Cold Vs Clay Pots Vs Water Stored in Plastic Bottles

In making a choice between Refrigerated-Cold Vs Clay Pots Vs Water Stored in Plastic Bottles, Clay Pots Must always be given the first preference for storing water. Never Consume Refrigerated Food/Water (CFC’s, Modern Ones use Tetrafluoroethane, which have Low Toxicity, But….??). Use Clay Pots. Always try consuming freshly prepared food. And, otherwise, if you have to store water, do it in glass bottles (Silicon Dioxide – a form of soil), and definitely not plastic bottles. Ayurvedic Herbs-Supplements-Medicines must always be stored in Glass Bottles only.

Try avoiding the use of Plastic Stuff as much as possible. The idea is to connect with Earth and not with Chemicals. Please understand Plastics are made of large Polymers and many research suggest Plastics leech chemicals even at low temperatures or when scratched. BPA (Bisphenol-A) is highly carcinogenic.

The Refrigerator works using CFC’s Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons-Harmful to Health-Carcinogenic-Damaging to Environment. The Ayurveda science says that from the time the wheat flour gets wet – within 48 minutes it should be cooked to chapattis (Indian Wheat Bread) etc. and within 48 minutes of chapattis being cooked – it must be consumed.  Other thing to understand is that if we consume the evening stuff in the morning, after keeping it refrigerated, all the Pranic-Life Force energy of the eatables gets eliminated (Agreed Technically-The Food taste won’t Go Bad but it is The Pranic-Life Force Energy that is required for Happy-Healthy Mind & Body). This habit of eating Refrigerated-Stale food is the major reason of our Gastric and Acidity Problems and Presence of Scores of Toxins in The Body (Toxins = Diseases).

Let us say, app. Rs. 20-30 of food is left over daily which you need to Dispose off, 30 x 30 = 900. Each Visit to a Doctor + Chemical Laden Medicines would easily cross this Limit. And please Do Not Forget The Long Term Dangerous Side-Effects of having Stale-Refrigerated Foods.

Scientific-Technical Explanation to Clay Pot Benefits: Clay is Porous, and the water within it, firstly is in Direct Connection with nature with no gas/chemicals involved. Secondly, the water gets cooled due to a natural process of ‘Latent Heat of Vaporisation’. And last but not the least, SOIL is eventually what we will finally become, the more we connect with Soil/Nature, the more we will Stay Away from Diseases!

Side Effects of Drinking Cold Water:

This one is simple! Our body temperature is 37.8 degree Celsius. When we intake cold water, our stomach region gets deranged and immediately tries to increase the temperature of the fluid intaken to the normal body temperature, and the only medium for doing this-raising the temperature of the fluid just taken in, is the blood, and thus, blood from all the organs around our stomach region is rushed to do the needful. This, over a prolonged period of time is obviously very harmful to the body organs.

Other thing worth mentioning is that fresh cold water takes 6 hours, hot/more than warm water takes 3 hours, boiled water when cooled to room temperature takes about 1 hour to get digested. Never wish to see a doctor in your life – Start Consuming Only Lukewarm Water, and keep your body metabolism in a perfect shape.

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