Respiratory System Disorders – Information on Category Posts

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As you committed Following Action, You have landed on This Post, Cures for Ailments” => “Ayurvedic Cures for Ailments” => “Cures for Respiratory System Disorders”.

Under The Category ‘Respiratory System Disorders’, You Would Find Cures for Various Related Ailments, Links for Which are:

  1. Breathing Through Mouth, or Breathing Through Nose;
  2. Cures for Sore Throat, Nose Inflammation, Allergies, Eosinophils;
  3. Cures for Flowing Nose (नज़ला जुक़ाम );
  4. Cures for Cough (खांसी) (With or Without Sputum);
  5. Handling – Getting rid of Tonsillitis;
  6. Understanding Sinusitis – The Theory;
  7. Cures for Sinusitis;
  8. Snoring-Home Remedies;
  9. Understanding Pneumonia – The Theory;
  10. Natural-Home Remedies to Pneumonia;
  11. Pleurisy-Ayurvedic Remedies;
  12. Ayurvedic-Natural Cures to Asthma-Dyspepsia-Difficulty in Breathing;
  13. Remedies and diet Plan for Tuberculosis (क्षय रोग)!;
  14. Few Cures for Hiccups;
  15. Boils on Nose (With-Without Pus), Bleeding Nose, Epistaxis.

Please Note, in all these Respiratory System Disorders, Appropriate use of Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Copper, Freshly Cut Lemon, Pure Organic (0% Sugar Added) Honey, Baking Soda (Biotech-Grade only), Pure Organic Wheat Grains, A2 Ghee and Colloidal Gold, should play a very soothing & Relieving Role…

Hope The Posts are Beneficial (For Your Specific Case/s, as May Be), and May Assist One to be Away from Toxic Chemicals-Medicines.

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