Seasons and Correlation with Doshas

The 6 Seasons from North India perspective (Concept applicable universally!): 

Starting from the month of Magha (Mid-Jan onwards), the three seasons (Ritus) are:

  • Shishir (शिशिर ऋतु,): The months are Mid-Jan to Mid-March (माघ, फाल्गुन) & it is mostly Cold, Dewy & Winter Season,
  • Vasant (वसंत ऋतु): The months are Mid-March to Mid-May (चैत्र, बैशाख) & it is the Spring Season and
  • Grishma (ग्रीष्म ऋतु): The months are Mid-May to Mid-July (ज्येष्ठ, आषाढ़) & it is the Summer Season.

These three Seasons (Ritus) form Uttarayana (Increasing Northern Declination (Latitude)); Or, Adana Kala (Debilitating Period). . ‘Adana’ is Agneya (Predominance of Agni). ‘Unctuous’ effect of Nature is predominant. Winds are sharp and rough.
The prominent Tastes, increasingly, are: ‘Tiqta (Bitter)’, ‘Kashaya (Astringent)’ and ‘Katu (Pungent)’.

The other three seasons (Ritus) are:

  • Varsha (वर्षा ऋतु): The months are Mid-July to Mid-Sept (श्रावण, भाद्रपद) & it is the Rainy Season,
  • Sharad (शरद ऋतु): The months are Mid-Sept to Mid-Nov (आश्विन, कार्तिक) & it is the Autumn Season and
  • Hemant (हेमन्त ऋतु): The months are Mid-Nov to Mid-Jan (अग्रहायण, पौष) & the Season would be ‘Fall Winter’.

These three Seasons (Ritus) form Dakshinayana (Increasing Southerly Declination (Latitude)); Or, Visarga Kala. ‘Visarga’ is Saumya (i.e. Has predominance of Soma, The Moon). The earth gets cooled by Clouds, Rains and Cold Winds.
The prominent Tastes, increasingly, are: ‘Amla (Sour)’, ‘Lavanya (salty)’, and ‘Madhura (Sweet)’ (All these three tastes are Unctuous Tastes). This is a Strength Enhancing period.

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