Soft Drinks-Pizza-Burger

This is no brainer that Soft Drinks-Pizza-Burger must be completely eliminated from our lives. Don’t worry, without these your life is definitely not ending. In-fact, it is going to get much better & healthier. There are endless Indian tasty-fast foods which are equally healthy also (be it Dosa or Idli or Lassi or Panipuri or Sugarcane Juice or Butter-Milk and many of them are available readymade – just we have to buy them from clean and authentic places. Let us analyse pointwise the Harmful-Carcinogenic effects of above mentioned Poisons:

  1. The Highly Acidic Effect (pH Value): The pH of normal body blood is 7.4,
    Soft Drinks - High Net Acidic Effect on Body - Carcinogenic
    Soft Drinks – High Net Acidic Effect on Body – Carcinogenic

    which is alkaline and that is how it should remain. The pH value of Concentrated Hydrochloric acid is app. 2.4, and pH of very many soft drinks is around 3-4. (Please understand even if the pH papers don’t prove it to you their pH Values, There is a Bio-Chemistry involved (Buffers) but their net acidic effect has been personally experienced and on many others (which then are cured by Baking Soda – Biotech Grade!)),

  2. Most Soft Drinks (Especially Black Ones) are Highly Sweet: All the three Soft Drinks-Pizza-Burger have high Calories, which anyway can’t be digested by most of us (Not Much Laborious Work). High amount of highly processed white sugar is enough to reduce body’s pH value and make it Sick-Very Sick. Such high amount of sugars is directly responsible for formation of bad cholesterol, increase in blood sugar, diabetes, stones, high uric acid content in blood and scores of other problems (including various cancers).
  3. High Salt Content of Pizza-Burgers: The High amount of Salt in Pizza-Burgers (Mostly Processed White Salt) implies large amount of Sodium Intake – bound to derange mineral cycle balance of the body. High Sodium has various dangerous consequences of its own – Hinders ability of kidneys to excrete enough water from body (leads to water retention) which increases blood pressure which is directly related to reduced secretion of insulin from pancreas and eventually high blood sugar and finally Diabetes…and scores of other problems.
  4. Pizza-Burgers are made of finely crushed wheat flour (Maida, in Hindi) which has been fermented for days and completely devoid of ‘The Natural Fibrous Content’. This straight away would lead to severely hampered Excretory System => Endless Medical Conditions!!it hardly has any natural unctuousness remaining, doesn’t get eliminated easily & thus sticks around,
  5. Our body is made up of billions of cells, which respire 24 hours a day, and during the process of respiration, we continuously consume oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. Now ask yourself, which is the gas that is pressed up in these drinks, or try finding yourself, it is Carbon Dioxide. Do you really want to be feeding your body cells with carbon Dioxide, which they constantly work to exhale from the body. I was a staunch lover of “The Multi Coloured Soft Drinks”, but now have been away from these poisons since 2011 – Never Been Happier – Relishing/Enjoying Drinks like Sugarcane Juice, Butter-Milk, Lassi and so on…!

Ayurvedic Perspective: Sweet taste is made of Earth + Water. The manufacturing process of Fine Flour (Maida) removes the water component of the food stuff, and secondly, such processing also completely removes the ‘Pranic Life Force’ of the eatables, which gets killed due High Heat involved in the process.

Now, as fine flour stuff is devoid of water component too, it does not move easily & sticks itself to layers of intestines (Hence, Liberal amount of Ghee is Must in Fine Flour Products). The oxygen supply to bottom layers of intestines gets cut, cells around begin to die leading to growth of Cancer Cells.

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