What is ‘The Testimonials’ Page all about?

Firstly, I have suffered hugely at hands of So Called Modern-Chemical laden Medicinal System! Few incidents in life prompted me to take charge of my Medical Conditions/s and try get rid of them. And, thence started a Decade+ Old Studies/Research on Ancient Medicinal Sciences (Ayurveda & More…) coupled with Intense-Dedicated studies on any Modern Technologies that could help in any-which way (The Nano-Colloids made with High Voltage Alternating Current technology).

Secondly, I still consider myself a Layman as far as understanding such a Complex-Divine Human Body as given by God. I simply try handle any/all Medical Conditions from ‘The Three Sides of a Triangle’…..

  • Block Entry or Formation of Toxins in The Body,
  • Eliminate Toxins from The Body & 
  • Enhance Physical-Subtle Powers of ‘The Divine Body’…….

‘Testimonials’… The Selected Few…

  • Anger-Irritation-Short Temper… 

  • Aplastic Anaemia… 

  • Kidney Stones Expelled… As Reported on 19th Sept. 2018

  • Normal Life after Gall-Bladder Removal… As Reported on 19th Sept. 2018

  • Burnt Leg Due Scooty Silencer… As Reported on 04th Sept. 2018

  • 2 Years Old Neuro-Arthritis… As Reported on 28th August 2018

  • 2 Years Old Dizziness/Vertigo gone in a Month… As Reported on 21st Aug. 2018

  • Prostate Surgery Averted… As Reported on 18th August 2018

  • Multi Organ Failure, Coma, ICU Patient Revived… As Reported on 08th July 2018

  • Severe Haemorrhoids… As Reported on 25th June 2018

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