Firstly, I have suffered hugely at hands of So Called Modern-Chemical laden Medicinal System! Few incidents in life prompted me to take charge of my Medical Conditions/s and try get rid of them. And, thence started a Decade+ Old Studies/Research on Ancient Medicinal Sciences (Ayurveda & More…) coupled with Intense-Dedicated studies on any Modern Technologies that could help in any-which way (The Nano-Colloids made with High Voltage Alternating Current technology).

Secondly, I still consider myself a Layman as far as understanding such a Complex-Divine Human Body as given by God. I simply try handle any/all Medical Conditions from ‘The Three Sides of a Triangle’…..

  • Block Entry or Formation of Toxins in The Body,
  • Eliminate Toxins from The Body & 
  • Enhance Physical-Subtle Powers of ‘The Divine Body’…….

I was suffering from severe migraine. I approached to Mr. Manoj and got some remedies from one of the best medical branch of our society.. Ayurveda.. I took precautions and treatment provided by him and it was perfectly cured. It has no side effects either.. I would recommend that if someone is suffering from any kind of problem..approach him and get the best treatment..!!

Yashika Grover (PGT)

(Severe Migraine…Relieved)

I would like to recommend to everyone…I joined bhaiya for my uncle…ho got diagnosed wid pyloric cancer. he couldn’t eat we get his stomach bypass surgery done …so that he cant eat…after tht doctors suggested chemos…..but we didnot….manoj bhaiya asked us try his therapy …n give him time..we agreed….his medicines were very effective…..he i recovered fast n perfectly alright now….thanks bhaiya keep doing this work wid good intentions n spirit.

Mrs. Deepali’s Uncle

Pyloric Cancer…Relieved!!

Main Aur Meri Mrs UP mein Bareilly Gayi Thi Achanak Meri Mrs ko loose motion Lag Gaye hospital mein dikha glucose ki Botal Chadi antibiotic De Gayi par Teen Char din ke baad bhi loose motion nahi thik huaa Manoj ji ki Deya huaa Silva ka pani Kaise Pana h Diya one time lene ke bad 80% mrs thik thi thank you Manoj ji

Mr. Mukesh Verma’s Wife

Severe Stomach Infection…Relieved!!

Guys it is a miracle done by our respected manoj arora sir… my grand mother whoes brain is in coma state and she was not conscious since one week but with the treatment of stay healthy she came in her senses within a day.. and day by day we are seeing new improvement in her body
I thanks my sir from the bottom of my heart that he came not only as a supportive teacher but also an angel send by the god for me only who helped me allot and give a new hope to me and my family
Mr. Zuaib Akhtar’s Grandmother

Coma-Brain Dead-Multi Organ Failure Patient…Revived!

A feedback via E-Mail:

(Uterine Fibroid…Max. Dim. 10.5++ cm… Relieved!!)​

A feedback via DISQUS:

I had cough and cold from a month. 
After coming to sir I got cured by half an hour with the help of natural medicine’s received by sir. 
Thanks sir for your help.

Mr. Parth Negi

Sinusitis Problem…Relieved!

A feedback via DISQUS:

Thanks Manoj sir. With help of your lifestyle change guidance and some tips i got relief in my sinusitis problem.

Mr. Radhey Shyam

Sinusitis Problem…Relieved!

Sir you are doing a great job…I have sinus-sinusitis since last 4 year.last year I came to know about your products.this time I use these products like silver,copper,organic weats,ghee and organic honey.sir I am so thankfull to you ,after taking these products I am recovered.

Mr. Anuj Sharma

4 Years old Sinusitis Problem… Relieved!

Sir, what you are doing is a miracle for human beings. In my back there was pain for 2 years. I got treatment from many doctors but there was no difference.And when I met you and the medicine you gave me, 90% of my pain was lost in only 12 days .so I am very thankful to you

Mr. Amit

2 Year old Back-pain…Relieved!


A feedback via DISQUS:

I have been suffering from irritation and i couldn’t control my anger. After discussing this issue with Mr. Manoj Arora sir, his advice, tips and natural supplements i have been enjoying my life and i have control on my anger.

Sahil Multani Navdish ​

(Anger-irritation-Short Temper…Relieved)

A feedback via DISQUS:

Firstly thank for Manoj Arora sir to the remedy provided to me.I use to have suffering from Aplastic Anaemia.I need of blood in 1 week but today blood transfer in my body in 30 day …. Today I feel to good . Thanks for big change in my life……….. Thankyou

Mr. Choudhary Siddharth Gujjar

(Aplastic Anaemia…Body Not Making Blood on its own…Relieved!!)​

Few days back I had an injury in my eye and I didn’t treated it thinking that it will recover itself until I found that injury has formed a clot in eye and becoming red day by day..It was a terrifying situation as this thing could have adversely affected my career. I was rushing here and there for the treatment and then I consulted our chief Manoj Arora Sir and he gave me 2 different eye drops(colloidal silver drops and dmso silver honey drops) and it worked ,within two days clot from my eye had completely gone leaving no signs of injury.
Mr. Abhishek Wadhwa
Eye Injury-Blood Clot in Eyes…Relieved!

A feedback on one of SH70’s Beauty Supplement!

Used the FULLER CLAY face pack . Totally miraculous on the bacterial Razorbumps. Helped dissolve them in just a couple of days.
Hats off

Mr. Hriday Soin

Bacterial Razorbumps…Relieved!

Had acute conjectivitis for 15 days….got cured witin 2 days after using SH70’S eyedrop Supplement…
thx a lot

Mr. Shitij Yadav 

(Acute Conjunctivitis…Relieved!)

I had a stone on my gall bladder .A doctor told me at once to remove the gall bladder and i had an operation .I had bad outcomes like stomach ache n Had jaundice but Manoj sir helped me by providing me with his assistance and Products and now i am very fit By 80%.Very thankful to him

Mr. Sajal Sharma

(Normalised Life ‘After Gall Bladder Removal’!)​

My son Pratyush’s burnt leg (With scooty silencer) was relieved completely with silver-copper nanoparticles and pure-organic honey (0%sugar)…

Mrs. Rupali Arora’s (My!) Son

(Burnt Leg – Due Hot Scooty Silencer…Relieved in Hours!!)​


My mother is suffering from Neuro arthritis for the past 2 years. We spent a lot of money on physiotherapy, medicine etc but no betterment in her condition was seen not even a bit.  But due to Manoj Sir’s health care routine and his supplement my mother is getting better day by day and the day is not far away when she will get completely healed ❤️

Mr. Nilansh Roy’s Mom

(2+ Years old Neuro-Arthritis… Relieved!)​

Cured 2 years dizziness/vertigo in almost one month!!! and the natural face packs are awesome for skin!! At the same time Also cured many things simultaneously, related to eyes, redness in skin which occurred frequently, which could not cured by other skin care products available in market! Thank you very much!

Crown Jewel (Aparajita)

(2+ Years Old Dizziness-Vertigo …Relieved!)​

Godwin D'Souza's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smilingFor enlarged prostate being advised surgery, having surgery has its downsides, Manoj Arora from “Stay healthy till 70” who has his basics right is a wonderful person taking his advice seriously was healed by 50%, will stay on the advice to be completely healed will not require surgery anymore.

Mr. Godwin D’Souza

(Prostate Surgery averted!!)​

Hello all, One of my good friend had this severe hemorrhoids…I advised him to follow lifestyle n supplements of Manoj Sir….he is all good now…. From my friend side I thank manoj sir n his company supplements…

Acquaintance of Mr. Avnish Dutt Awasthi‎

(Haemorrhoids…Relieved!…Surgery averted!!)

I had lot of grey-white hair for many years…i decided to give colloidal copper & leech oil (along with few lifestyle-eating habits changes as advised) n Yippiee!!! All (well almost!) All my grey hair have become black IN LESS THAN 60 DAYS….Thanks a lot manoj sir…

Mr. Nirupam Bawa

(Grey Hair regained their Natural-Black Hair!!)

Image may contain: 2 people

I had been continuously ill for 4-5 days n after health supplements of stayhealthytill70 i was feeling v good and up and about within 2 hours….thanks manoj sir n stayhealthytill70

Mr. Prafull Patel

(5+ Day Old Fever-Illness-Fatigue…Relieved in 2 Hours)

Sir your solutions for me have been proved your research, i have been facing the hair fall problem from last 3-4 months, consulted many doctors but no solution was there, your products really benefited me. Thank you so much, i suggest every one surfing through this page to try out these products. Very beneficial. 😄😄😍😍

Mr. Nirupam Bawa

(Hair Fall Issues…Relieved!!)

I had these cysts from many years, consulted many skin specialist but was not able to get them cured to roots, it was when our Lecturer, Chief Officer Manoj Arora Sir, pointed the same out and treated with his specialty and cured it with his medicines so much so that the cyst has vanished without any cut, scar or surgery. Sincere thanks and regards to Manoj Sir. 😊Image may contain: one or more people, close-up and outdoor

Mr. Tarun Singh Rana

(Multi-Year old cysts on body…Relieved! The cysts just vanished!!)

Sir you are doing a great job..lower part of my cheek got infected and half of my face swelled…I not use alopathic medicine too much…I generally avoid alopathic medicine as much as I can. So I decided to take advice of manoj sir(creater of on stay healthy till 70) then he had given me some Ayurveda medicine then my cheek infection and swelled face gone within 2 hours 

Mr. Vaibhav Yogeshwar

(Infected-Swollen Lower Cheek…Relieved in 2 Hours!!)​

Thnxxx sir For your advice and medicines..My childhood eye infection is now better and me and my parents are surprised..Only three and four times of medicine’s improving my eye. And all eye infection are gone… Like- eye swelling, eye irritation, problem in sun light and may more problems…But after medicine my eyes is good…. You are great sir…And your health page StayHealthyTill70&Forever. Is really helpful for people like me…keep going sir…​
Mr. Ravi Sharma

(Childhood Chronic Eye Infection-Redness-Inflammation…Relieved!!):

Thanks to Detailed Advise By Mr. manoj Arora on Weight Management Program – I have lost more than 10 Kgs in 4 Months – Thx a Lot and keep up The Good Work!

Capt. Jitendra Arora

(Lost 10 Kgs in 4 Months! Literally with just Lifestyle Changes & 1-2 supplements!!)

Thanks to the remedy provided to me , I use to have severe pain in my knee and it was very difficult for me to climb stairs but now after the medication I can see a lot of difference and improvement , all thanks to @manoj arora

Mr. Harsha….Meenu Chaudhary

(Severe-Chronic Knee Pain…Relieved!!)

hello everyone, my wife had thyroid, after advise from Mr Manoj her thyroid pathology test is now completely normal, Thank you Manoj ji

Mr. Mukesh Verma (Wife)

(Thyroid…Relieved…Eventually becomes undetectable in pathology test too!!)

My TLC count was high…allopathy medication was on. But there was no benefit.. i consulted Manoj sir. He guided me and now the TLC count is normal. I have stopped allopathy medication. Thanks a lot to Manoj sir.​

Mr. Suraj Prakash

(High TLC Count…Relieved!!)

Thank you Manoj for helping me connect with natural remedies which greatly helped me bringing down my sinusitis problem. Your passion for going in for in-depth understanding of Ayurveda treatments n natural living with guiding people is commendable. Continue this good work.​

Capt. Bhupesh Sharma

(Sinus-Sinusitis Issues…Relieved!!)

“I was suffering from Blood Pressure, and Increased LDL. Thanks to treatment by Manoj Sir, I am feeling much better now. I am grateful again to Manoj Sir.””​

Mr. Delick Deniz

(High Blood Pressure-Increased LDL…Relieved!!)

Dear all, my small kid, was suffering from bad throat, dry cough, and severe congestion, for more than 3 weeks now, i am very thankful to Manoj Jee for treatment, he gave for my son, my son is much better now, may he succeed in his mission to make our society healthy”​

Mr. Mukesh Verma’s Kiddo

(Bad Throat-Dry Cough-Severe Congestion…Relieved in a day!!)

Dear all, I wish to state that may son was having calcium deficiency, for which lot of medicines were advised by doctors. He was reporting severe pain in legs/calves and body. After getting treatment/advise from Mr. Manoj Arora, my son’s pain/s have gone away. Thank you for your advise/treatment.

Mr. Gopal Rawat’s (IT-Hardwares Expert) Kiddo

(Severe Calcium Deficiency…Legs-Calves Pain…Relieved!!)

hi i am pawan, one of my friend had this piles with fistula, with pus formation, and doctors were scaring me too much.Thank God i met manoj sir,my friends words and now it is completely cured, and also he taught many things on metro, n i am feeling much better. and yes, i have supported this project financially, i want this project to move ahead and help many people.

Acquaintance of Mr. Pawan…



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