The Cause of Diseases

Let us understand the Cause of Diseases from Ayurvedic Point of view pointwise:

  • Ayurveda relates Cause of Diseases to both Mind & Body,
  • Inappropriate interaction of sense organs with objects (loud music). This would imply wrong or non or over utilisation of sense organs along with Mental Faculties,
  • Typical tastes developed by typical/suicidal combination of foods; and, Intake of polluted/acidic air…,
  • Intellectual error (You thought soft drinks would not affect you, but never tried to find out that their pH is app. 4 and that of blood is 7.4! You thought refrigerated food is OK, but did not realise, plants are living creatures, and their products lose their Pranic Life Force energy very soon (Imagine how long can you survive in a refrigerator!) and what we eat in the morning (cooked last night), has no energy/nutrients to provide us (Physical or Subtle), and is actually the big reason for formation of AMA (Layers of Undigested Food Particles in our Body and final cause could be
  • Not keeping our body-lifestyle-eating habits in synchronisation with Natural Rhythms & Cycles (Kala Parinama) such as ‘Wrong way of eating’, ‘sleeping-waking up at wrong times’, ‘inappropriate breathing-sleeping style’…

Now, let’s see Cause of Diseases from a bit of a Spiritual point of view:

 I am a firm believer of the Cause and Effects of Karmas. The Actions that we do, are bound to have effect on your Life, Positive or Negative. Now, there are three types of Karmas:

  1. Sanchita Karma: The store of Karmic debts accumulated & carried forward from previous births.
  2. Prarabdha Karma: That part of one’s Sanchita Karma which must be worked out in the present life. Because the law of Karma implies determinism in human activities, Prarabdha is often translated as destiny. Though, here free will also comes into play.
  3. Agami Karma: New Karma accumulated in the present lifetime which is carried forward into future lives. This sure we can control by not doing the wrong deeds, such as to have a better future.

If anyone has any doubts, just think about this once. You would agree that a supernatural power is indeed there which runs and manages this life on Earth, and if such a power is indeed there, how do you think, that the politicians (few, not all, of course) can get away with what they do or are doing. And, for sure, during this birth time of theirs, there is no chance that they would pay for what they are doing. So the only answer remains that they would indeed have to pay for their ‘Karmas’ in the future lives.
Another example, I would recite from a TV serial which shows true gruesome incidents happening around us, like a human being taken to a hospital, and has already lost his Prana, prior reaching the hospital, is being admitted to the hospital ICU for 2-3 days, such as to make the fake bills. By God, they must pay for their deeds, now or later!
Now, from modern perspective, Congenital Diseases are one existing at or before birth, and I am not sure if much can be done about them. Though, lot of modern day practices, during pregnancy may lead to them. Go through, and then go through the posts on Lifestyle & Eating habits, on this website to get rid of the bad practices.

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