The Colloidal Silver

History of Silver (The Colloidal Silver) being used for medicinal uses and more…Few Facts…

  1. Silver (Along with Copper & Gold) has been in use since ancient time for medicinal purposes in vast areas of the worlds such as India, Greece, Rome, Phoenicia, Macedonia, China… Hippocrates (Father of Medicine, 400 B.C.) stated that silver (Silver Powder-Rajath Bhasma!) could cure wounds, ulcers, other ailments…
  2. Over the past two millennium Silver Nitrate (As Anti-Microbial & Neural Disorders) has also been used in preparation of Medicinal Drugs,
  3. There are large number of Druggists-Scientists who have used Siler for Medicinal Purposes and more: Paracelsus (1520 A.D., German-Swiss Physician & Alchemist), Gerolamo Cardano (16th Century, Mathematician, Physician, Astrologer…), David Pareus (Theologist & Reformer), and last but not the least Indian Rishis-Scientists have had always mentioned usage of silver in Ayurvedic Scriptures from literally 1000’s of years, such as Rishi Sushruta (Too Old & Obscured in Time-1000’s of Years, at least 5-6+ Millennia!!), Rishi Charaka (6th to 2nd Century B.C.) & Rishi Vagbhatta (Around 6th-7th Century). And these Rishis have literally written Treatise on Ayurveda & use of Silver-Rajath for various purposes holds a prominent place.
  4. Wide use of Silver Utensils by ‘Rich’ gave their skin a Bluish Hue & hence the name ‘Bluebloods’. These ‘Bluebloods’ were reported to be largely isolated-protected to various Disease caused Epidemics (Plagues) around the world.
  5. Recorded facts to use of Silver Lined utensils by armies of Alexander, Imperial Russian Army & Soviet Army.
  6. Thomas Graham in 1861 discovered (actually re-discovered!! As mentioned in Ayurvedic Scriptures for 1000’s of years) Biocidal properties of Colloids of Silver & Copper. This was reaffirmed by Henry Crookes in 1910.
  7. Anti-Microbial properties of Silver were again reaffirmed by Robert Becker & Associates in 1970’s. One of his associate ‘Flick’ also filed for Patent for ‘Silver-based Wound Dressing’.
  8. Till date Microbial resistance to Silver Nano-Particles had not been established. Still in some cases if results are not as desired (due formation of lipid layer around microbes) add drops of Food-Grade H2O2 & “The War is Won Through and Through”. The amazing effects are observed as H2O2.
  9. The screw-up with human health started with the advent of Anti-Biotics industry in late 1930’s-1940’s.
  10. Such research work giving positive outcomes on Silver usage has been done by 1000’s of other scientists & hugely positive testimonials have been by 1000’s-Lac’s of people but the system continues to “Mark it Unsafe!” BUT “—For What or For Whom-You got to decide Yourself!!??”
  11. Surprisingly ‘Silver is not required by body & its DRV is None!

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