The Genitourinary System

The Genitourinary (or Urogenital) System comprises of Reproductory & Urinary System.

Kidney-Renal System: Kidneys are situated on ‘Posterior Wall (Near the Rear End)’ of Abdomen on each side. As Blood flows through Kidneys (Directly through Aorta), it filters Blood, Selectively reabsorbs filtered solutes & help maintain composition of body fluids, finally returning the Blood to Inferior Vena Cava via Renal Veins. Urine thus produced (excreted) by kidneys passes through Fibromuscular Ureters onto Bladder. Bladder Muscles have capacity to Distend and hold Upto a Litre of Urine. ‘Urethra Sphincter’ at base of Bladder help pass urine via Urethra.   

Kidney Inner Structure
Kidney Inner Structure

Structure of Kidney: Broadly, Kidney comprises of Cortex (Outer Region), Inner Region (Medulla). Medulla consists of many ‘Renal Pyramids’, which starts at ‘Corticomedullary Border’ (Border between Cortex & Medulla) (Note: Volume  & Thickness of Cortex has been related to good Kidney Function; Classic Symptom of Chronic Kidney Failure is Kidney Shrinkage)’

& Apex of Renal Pyramid ends at Major-Minor Calyx which join onto Renal Pelvis & onto Ureter. The Peristaltic Movement of Calyx-Pelvis-Ureters move urine towards Bladder. Cortex & Medulla are mostly made up of Nephrons.

By CNX OpenStax [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Broadly Nephrons filter the Blood & re-absorb Minerals & other useful stuff from the final filtrate. Nephron again is a complicated Organ Part with many sub-parts and does various important functions such as Ultrafiltration, Absorption-Reabsorption of Water-Minerals & Maintaining Concentration of Minerals in the Blood. Now, the whole procedure in very brief:

Renal Artery => Segmental Arteries => Further branching forms Interlobal Arteries => Pass Through Renal Columns => Reach Cortex => Also, a branch of Interlobal Arteries (Afferent Arterioles) serve a million+ Nephrons in each Kidney. The Afferent Arterioles form a High-Pressure Spherical zone Glomerulus. This is covered with Bowman’s capsule & the two together form Renal Corpuscle. This broadly filters the Blood passes the Blood to ‘Peritubular Capillaries’, from where it passes onto ‘Vasa Recta’, which passes the Blood back to the Venous System.

Prostate Gland (Muscular Male Reproductive Organ) surrounds Urethra (Below Bladder) & secretes Prostate Fluid, a component of Semen. During Intercourse or Ejaculation, Sperms flow from Testicles, through Vas Deferens to Prostate, from where the muscular movements of Prostate Glands propel the Seminal Fluid to Urethra.

The problem with the Urinary or Reproductory System arises when the Prostate Glands get Swollen-Inflamed. This Compresses Urethra, irritating-inflaming the Bladder Walls-Mucous Linings. This thus leads to mal-function of both ‘The Reproductory’ & ‘The Urinary System’.

Finally, Ayurvedically (I really don’t care what Modern Science (!!) says), excess Masturbation will deplete our Body of Ojas (Semen-Which Produces Life), leading to low (very low) immunity which is the root cause for Most Ailments (Including Cancers…).

Kidney-Adrenal Glands
Kidney-Adrenal Glands

Adrenaline Glands are situated on top of each Kidney. The Cortex (Outer Part) produces various Hormones, few being, Cortisol (Regulation of Metabolism, Aids Stress Response) & Aldosterone (Controls Blood Pressure), whereas Medulla (Inner Part) produces Adrenaline (Aids Body reaction in Stressful Situations).

The ‘Endocrine System (Glands which secrete Hormones directly into the circulatory System) is a Vast Topic in itself and I would like to keep it beyond the scope of this Website – Idea is to Understand the Basics and Stay Healthy Till 70 n Forever…

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