The Polished and Waxed Fruits and Vegetables

On immediate basis Please Discard The Polished and Waxed Fruits and Vegetables including polished rice, wheat or the polished pulses, i.e. Please go in for the organic, un-polished, natural stuff, and with the skin/peel of the vegetables not taken off!

The strange part is that we all know that Roughage and the Fibrous part of the eatables is required for the elimination of the body wastes, but we get too impressed by the shine of our pulses and rice … and without using our common sense, go in for their usage. The idea is to use unpolished organic stuff only. The use of such artificial stuff leads to formation of ‘AMA-The layer of undigested food particles’ in the body, leading to the formation of all kinds of toxins and hence innumerable diseases.

Please also understand, The Non-Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses etc. which are grown on Pesticides-Fungicides etc., may contain large number of Carcinogenic Chemicals, Neurotoxins (Which would completely Derange The Nervous System in Due Course of Time – Imagine The large Number of Cancer Cases, over the past few Decades), and obviously they have large ill-effects on our Liver (Body metabolism) and Kidneys (Blood Filtering, More Chemicals in Blood=> More Load on kidneys, Simple as that!).

Also, let me put it here, that there are many vegetables that may easily be grown in pots at Home, such as, Beet-Root, beans, Carrots, Peas, Potatoes, radish, Chillies, Onions, Turnips, Tomatoes and so on…

N.B.: Do Not, Repeat Do Not, discard the skin of vegetables as the skin is the one which contains the maximum proteins and fibres!

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