The Types of Diseases

Types of Diseases from The Ayurvedic Point of View are:

  1. Diseases easily curable,
  2. Diseases curable with some difficulty,
  3. Ones that can be controlled, but not cured,
  4. Not curable: These, I guess, would mostly relate to genetic-birth disorders. Otherwise, even if a disorders has reached an incurable stage, Pranayama and Meditation may still work wonders,
  5. Additionally, Psychic Diseases are caused due non-fulfilment of desires and facing of the undesired. Psychological diseases of the mind are Rajasic and Tamasic. 

Yet another Classification-Types of Diseases:

  1. Samanya Vyadhi (Samanya actually means ordinary): Caused due vitiation of one or more of Doshas (V-P-K). These would also include ‘Exogenous Diseases’ such as due nails/teeth biting, exorcism, curse, contact of evil spirits, accident/injury/trauma/wounds, piercing, twisting, compression, hanging, burns, thunder-storm, Microbial Infections (any and all, ref Classification of Diseases) and so on…
  2. Nanatmaja Vyadhi: These are caused due vitiation of only one Dosha at a time. The Ayurvedic Scriptures state:
  • 80 disorders caused due vitiation of Vata alone, such as Cracking of Skin-Nails, Numbness or Stiffness-Cramps of body parts such as of Ankle, Sciatica, Paraplegia which is impairment of motor-sensory organs in lower extremities of body, Rectum Prolapse, Improper Peristaltic Movement, Diarrhoea, Excess height or Dwarfism, Arthritis, Hoarseness of Voice, Pain in Tooth-Jaws-Lips, Deafness, paralysis, Convulsions, Unstable Mind-Other Mental Disorders…
  • 40 disorders caused due vitiation of Pitta alone, such as Burning Sensation [Body, Chest…], Skin Blemishes-Black Pimples-Rashes, Eructation, Excess Perspiration-Thirst, Fissures on Body-Fistula-Haemorrhoids, Boils-carbuncles on Body, Foul Smell from Body, Jaundice-General Yellowing of Body-Yellow Urine-Stool, Ulcers of Eyes-Mouth-Stomach-Rectum-…) and
  • 20 disorders caused due vitiation of Kapha alone, such as Laziness-Fatigue-excess sleep, Indigestion, Obesity, Constriction of Boy Channels, Goitre, Excess Salivation-Sweet Taste in Mouth, Anorexia…
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