The Theory Behind Migraine-Severe Headaches

I am providing “The Theory Behind Migraine-Severe Headaches here and in the next post, treatments-effective steps shall be mentioned.

Mostly, the modern studies, from what I have gathered, are not pin-pointing the causes for Migraine-Severe Headaches. Though, Improper Central Nervous System, or Constriction in the blood vessels, or imbalance of the bio-chemicals of the body. There could be various triggers, but in one line, after reading numerous articles-Research papers on causes, from modern perspective, I have found that causes are best understood from The Ayurvedic Perspective.

Though Modern science also points that habits like skipping meals, or eating wrong meals at wrong times, intoxicating drinks (Laden with preservatives-chemicals), hormonal balance altering drugs, Physical or Mental Stress, and Change of weather, could be serious trigger for this situation.

If it helps, the studies point out, women are few times more prone to migraine attacks than men.

From Ayurvedic Point of view, Migraine results from Vata and Pitta Excess. Though, as I said elsewhere also, in any ailment, imbalance of all the three body humours is involved to some extent.

The Vata Excess (The Nerve Force, The Air Component of the Body – In Layman’s Term), would lead to Anxiety, Depression, Dry Skin/Body Mucous Linings, Constipation and eventually Severe pains. Beneficial herbs would be Trifula and Brahmi (Hot Oil Head Massage).

The Pitta Excess, would lead to Red Complexion-Eyes, Sensitivity to Light, Burning Sensation, Hyper Acidity, Anger, Irritation, Intoxicate Liver and Blood, and Headaches (Including Intermittent). The best way to handle Pitta (The Body Metabolism, The Heat Component) (and The Vata) is the use of Purgatives, and ‘The Ghee’, ‘The Pure Desi Cow Ghee, added to a glass of ‘The Pure-Boiled A-2 type Milk’’, prior sleep. Other good things would be Use of Aloe-Vera Gel, Fennel Seeds, Sandalwood oil on Third Eye-Temples-heart & Under the nose, Hot Oil Head Massage (Brahmi), Walk under the moonlight and by water.

For God’s sake, do not take milk in the morning, and go only for fruits – black pepper, small and large cardamom added liberally….. Refer the post…’Ready Reckoner’.

The Kapha Excess (The Plasma Chyle), would give Dull Headache, Heaviness, Fatigue, White Phlegm, Nausea, Respiratory Disorders (Including Sinusitis). Use of ‘Trikatu’, Brahmi’, ‘Basil Tea’, ‘Ginger’, or ‘Nasal Therapy’. Understand, nose is the gateway to the head region, and in all head related ailments, The Nasal Therapy (Application of Pure Desi Cow Ghee – melted on a hot spoon – 2 drops in each nostril at a time, twice-thrice a day – in warm atmosphere) is very beneficial.

Generally speaking, use of Trifula, Chyavan Prash, Ashwagandha and Shiro Dhara are beneficial in migraine cases.

Various Natural remedies for Handling Migraine follow in the Next Post.

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