Triphala-त्रिफला (VPK=)

Gunas & Ingredients of Triphala-त्रिफला (VPK=):
Balances Tri-Dosha in the body (VPK =). 
As name suggests, it is a combination of ‘Three Sattvic Dried Fruits’. Amalaki (Amla, Indian Gooseberry, Bitter-Sweet-Pungent & Sour in Taste, Dry & Heavy, Potency is Cooling & Vipaka is Sweet, Pacifies all Doshas), Haritaki (Harad, Chebula Myrobalan, Has all tastes except Salty, Dry and Light, Potency is Hot, Pacifies all Doshas-In Combinations) [Other name of Harad is Abhaya – Dispels Human Fears] and Bibhitaki (Baheda, Belleric Myrobalan, Bitter in Taste, Light & Dry, Virya is Cooling, Vipaka is Sweet, Pacifies Vata & Kapha), taken in equal quantities, but for specific conditions, the ratio may be tweaked. It has various Tannins and Phenols which are necessary for proper functioning of human metabolism.

Indications: It is an Anti-Microbial-Immune-Metabolic System Booster ([High Vitamin-C] Expels Parasites, Regulates Blood-Sugar Levels-Good for Diabetes Patients, Benign-Malignant Tumours, Anaemia), and is useful for Digestive-Gastrointestinal Disorders (Constipation, Diarrhoea, Cleanses-Detoxes G.I.Tract–Colon, Gastritis, Distention, Flatulence, Belching, Lower Abdominal Pain…), Circulatory System (Blood Cleanser, Cardiac Disorders, Fluctuation-Palpitations of Heart Beat), Respiratory System (General Respiratory-Lungs Tonic, Wheezing Cough…), Skin-Hair Health (Acne, Eczema, Greying of Hair, Strengthens Hair Follicles), Eye Health (Enhances vision, Cataract), Improves Voice (Tones Vocal Chords), Stimulates Liver Function (Jaundice), Excretory-Reproductive System Disorders (UTI’s [Urinary Tract Infections], Dysuria-Painful Urination, Renal Calculi), Neural Disorders (Rejuvenate, Improves-Regulates Sensory Functions, Tonifies Nervous System)…

How may we consume Triphala-त्रिफला (VPK=)-Dosage:

  1. Powder-Churna (With A2-Ghee, Honey, A2-Milk or Plain warm water as the case may be-State of Doshas),
  2. In the form of Ghee [Maha-Triphaladi Ghrit],
  3. In the form of Tablets,
  4. As Decoction or Tea (Add Jaggery or Honey to Taste). The Decoction may also be used for Enema as has great Colon Cleaning property,
  5. Infusion…

Few Medicinal Benefits of Triphala-त्रिफला (VPK=):

  1. General Metabolic Disorders-Mostly Vitiated Kapha Related:
  • If there is Excess Kapha, One May Swallow 3/4th Tsp of Triphala with a Tsp or Two of Honey, followed by Drinking some Lukewarm water,
  • Obesity: Add a Pinch or Two of “Trikatu” to each dose of Triphala and/or Triphala Guggulu Tablets,
  • Diabetes: A Tsp. of Triphala may also be added while preparing Gudmar (Gymnema Sylvestre) Decoction,
  • Abdominal Pain: ½-1 Tsp with ½ a glass of warm-hot water twice a day,
  1. Digestive System Disorders:
  • Acidity: 3/4th Tsp with a cup of warm water before meals,
  • Loss of Appetite: 1/2-1 Tsp with first bite of meals,
  • Constipation: ½-1 Tsp with a cup of lukewarm water or Milk before going to sleep,
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: ½-1 Tsp with a glass of Butter-Milk at Lunchtime,
  • Flatulence: ½ tsp Triphala Churna with 1-5 Pinches of Hingwashtak Churna Once-Twice a Day with ½ a glass of warm water,
  1. Circulatory System Disorders:
  • Hypertension-High B.P.-Bad Blood Cholesterol-Atherosclerosis: Triphala Churna with Arjuna Bark and/or Triphala Churna with Fenugreek Seeds (Dipped overnight in a glass of water),
  1. Liver Stimulant:
  • General Liver health-Fatty Liver: 3/4th-1 Tsp. with Turmeric Milk before going to sleep,
  1. Reproductive Disorders-General Reproductive Health: Triphala & Ashwagandha Churna-Powder taken in equal quantities with Honey & Ghee alternatively,
  2. Neural Disorders:
  • Migraines-Headaches: 3/4th-1 Tsp. with 2-3 Tsp. Honey Twice a Day,

Contra-Indications:   None has been reported even after consuming it continuously for months. Still, as a normal precaution, do have a break of 15-20 days after consuming it for 2.5-3 months. Overuse/Excess Dose may Make One Feel Nauseatic or make One Even Vomit. Infants-Pregnant & Lactating Ladies to consume under supervision only.

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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