Vedic Agriculture Process, Pruning, Pest-Disease Control

Vedic Agriculture Process would involve various Steps such as:

Irrigation Using Wells:

  • Liberally have Wells in and around The Crop Fields,
  • Have an Ox pull out water from the well and poured onto a Pit (Container) – Above the field of about 4x4x1.5 m, water being directed onto the channelling-Irrigation system of the Crop Fields – The Ox pull our Water & Irrigation happens on continuous basis.

Ploughing – Sowing – Harvesting (Cutting) – Winnowing – Storing – Preparing Food!

As the first Rain falls, Ploughing (& Tilling) of The Fields Begin. The Ploughs should be close to each other. The Fields has to be Ploughed Many Times. The Scriptures clearly state, Bullocks are not to be Goaded or Hurt! But, good words or even Bucolic Music Showered.

After the Land has been repeatedly Ploughed, Sowing of Seeds (Pure Indian-Organic & Never Genetically Modified Seeds which are Biocides!) is begun,

Begin Harvesting (Using Sickle) by firstly Praying your Deity & Offering The First Sheave to Your Deity. Harvesting may be done to the level of ground or by separating only the Earheads (or Heading).


Pruning, especially of Fruit Trees is was and is being done.

Before Storing Grains, Grains should must first be Sieved & Winnowing done in the Wind, to remove Chaff & Light Grains’. Good cleaning of grains prior storing is a must.

The Grains are then finally stored in The Storage.

Saving from Pests & Diseases IN AN Organic Way:

The easiest & best way to protect crop from weeds and insects is crop rotation. This would imply rotating Cereals with Legumes, Summer Crops with Winter Crops, Annual Crops with Perennial Crops. This practice is specifically suited for Management of Weeds.

The Texts regularly mention Presence of Cows in the Fields! Which I infer, (Having gone through The Bio-Chemical Analysis of Desi cow’s Urine) “There Excreta (Desi Cow Dung & Desi Cow Urine Only!) Were being used as Fertiliser-Pesticide-Weedicide & So On…

Rotation of Crops is well Mentioned (Specifically Barley & Wheat, which alone may fulfil all of Human’s Requirement of Macro, Micro & Trace Elements in The Body).

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