Vedic-Desi-A2 Cow Milk-Ghee Vs Carcinogenic Jersey-A1 Cow Milk-Ghee

  1. There is mention of different kinds of Milk in the Ayurvedic Scripts, but the most beneficial as mentioned is that of The Desi (Vedic) Cow’s Milk (Hunch on the Back ). None of the Product/s of Genetically Mutated (Jersey or any Other Genetically Mutated) Cow, as all of them are Carcinogenic and Biocides. It is a huge task these days to Get Pure Desi Cow’s Milk, so we have to opt for a safe alternative in the form of Toned or Double Toned Buffalo Milk. Jersey cows has got a flat back (No Hunch). Vedic-Desi-A2 Cows have a Specific Vein (Surya Ketu Nadi) on its back, which is Responsible for “Divine Qualities” of Vedic-Desi-A2 Cow Products Few Studies have even reported to The Presence of Gold/Gold Salts in Desi cow’s milk!),
  2. Of all the Fats “Ghee, Oil, Muscle fats & Marrow”, Desi Cow-A2 Ghee is the Best, has the most Positive Effects on Human Tissues & Nurtures all Human Tissues-Dhatus, such as Rasa Dhatu (Plasma), Raqta Dhatu (Blood), Mamsa Dhatu (Muscle), Meda Dhatu (Fat), Asthi Dhatu (Bone), Majja Dhatu (Bone Marrow) and Shukra Dhatu (reproductive Fluid). The A2 Ghee has positive effects on all Human Processes and Pacifies all Three Doshas,
  3. It is reported that as A2 Ghee gets Older (I have actually experimented with it-With Positive Outcomes) It’s Medicinal Values keeps increasing,
  4. Please Discard the Genetically Mutated Jersey Cow (A1 CowThe Jersey Cow - Notice The Flat Back) and Buffalo Ghee and go in for Vedic-Desi-A2 Cow Ghee only. Now, many ‘Producers of Organic Products’ are marketing their Ghee in the name of ‘Desi Ghee’. Few Notoriously Amazing facts I came across while I made frantic calls to get my hands on Vedic-Desi-A2 Cow made The Vedic Way:
  • Supplier 01: While he said he had Desi Cow Ghee, and I dig his basic knowledge – “जी हम तो लोकल में जर्सी गाय को देसी ही बुलाते हैं” (In Local we Call Jersey cow as Desi Cow Only!!!) (Now, That’s a Bloody first of its Kind of a Comment!)
  • “Other Big Producers/Businessmen” are using This Stunt Now to sell Their Ghee: “गाय का देसी घी खाएं” (A Jersey-Carcinogenic Cow whose ghee has been Produced Locally!!) and You would never hear them saying (Lest Someone Files a case against them!) “देसी गाय का घी खाएं” (Which implied Ghee made out of the Milk of a Desi (or Vedic or A2) Cow!!) A Big Damn Difference Between the two Statement!).

Few Points to strengthen your conviction to consume only Vedic-Desi-A2 Cow’s Milk & Ghee:

  • Various studies/research reports have pointed out that Jersey (A1) Cow Products – Milk & Ghee are Carcinogenic (We really are nowhere near to beating ‘The Mother Nature’),
  • Various Lab Analysis Reports have pointed out that A1 (Jersey) Cow Products are not assimilable-absorbable in human body & thus are dangerous for human consumption,
  • Till the time extreme shortage of Vedic Cow Products is taken care of, only viable alternative is to go for Buffalo Milk (Toned & Double Toned Only) & Ghee (Leaving out Ghee from Food is an invitation to whole lot of medical complications in the body),
  • But Mostly, Buffalo Ghee must be avoided: For a normal office goer person, it is not possible for him/her to digest buffalo’s ghee. The reason is the sedentary lifestyle devoid of or minimal physical labour. Buffalo ghee may be digested by people involved in physical labour such as Sportsmen or Manual Rickshaw Puller…

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