Vedic Manure, Seed Health, Storing Vedic Agriculture Produce

Vedic Manure for Crop Fields:

  1. Manure is put into the field once every six months,
  2. This is done before the crops have been sowed,
  3. Spraying of Panchgavya, prior sowing, has been reported to be responsible for high growth of beneficial micro-organisms,
  4. Making Manure-Compost:
  • A Manure Pit of 2x2x2 is enough for one Bigha of land,
  • 4x4x4 would be enough for say 2 Acres of Land,
  • Fill up the pit with Cow Manure – Mix it up with Nimbolis liberally,
  • The compost-Manure is ready in 3-5 Months, and hence series of 4x4x4 Pits may be readies such that the Compost-Manure is available in regular basis.
  1. After the Crops are ready – Pests-insects tend to attack the leaves of crop plants:
  • To regularly spray the plants with Pure Cow Urine (+ Cow Dung) with a spraying machine – Liberally add Neem Leaves Oil such as to reduce any heating effect of Gau-Mutra,
  • Remember using Cow Dung in Fields is an easy and effective way to control Mites & Ants.

Seed Health – Preventing Seed Borne Diseases:

  1. Protecting Seeds against Fungal Infections: Before Spraying Seeds – Planting Seedlings, Seeds to be dipped in Water Mixture (Asafoetida + Turmeric Powder in a Ration of 1:10),
  2. Soaking Seeds in Mint Leaves Extract before Sowing: Say, adding an extract of 500 mL of Mint Leaves to 5 Litres of water,
  3. Treat seeds with Cow Dung.

Storing our Vedic Agriculture Produce (Protecting from Insect & Pests):

  1. Dried Leaves of Tulsi, Neem & Adathoda (Justicia Adathoda) mixed with Pulse Seeds: Especially suitable for Protection of Stored Pulse Seeds.
  2. At the Bottom of the Storage Containers (Pulses-Grains) Put a Mixture of “Red Chillies (Raw-Complete-Not Crushed)+Neem Leaves”,
  3. Use of Neem Oil repels pests attacks on stored products (Pulses & Grains),
  4. Spray of Green Chillies Extract.
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