White Powdered Salt Vs Rock Salt

Please, do Completely Discontinue the Use of White Powder Salt in your kitchen and your life. It is literally harmful for your consumption. Instead, adapt any Natural Salt, like Rock Salt (Sendha Salt) or Black Salt (Lahori Salt).

The salt made by man, the white powder salt or the iodine salt has just 4Get The Rock Salt, Crush it to Coarse Salt at home -5 types of micronutrients available in them and the Lahori salt or Sendha salt has 40-45 types of micronutrients. So this advertisement is a clear myth, that the white salt is healthy and is required by the body. Also, all the salts made of seawater increase the blood pressure. Also, there is a big financial aspect attached to this, it is much more economical to prepare sea-white-salt, than to prepare the natural salt, in the crushed/powdered form.

If we compare this habit of eating white salt with the ancient eating habit/s, this is a fairly recent habit, having started around 70-80 years back. We daily see it on television all the time that this white salt comprises of iodine which is essential for the body, and that the deficiency of same may cause various diseases. Indeed True! There is enough of Iodine in many of the things that we eat in our daily parlance (A2 Ghee, A2 Milk, Pulses). The problem is with consuming the excess of Iodine, which deranges the Thyroid Function, and this is responsible for impotency, Decreased ovulation in females and sperm formation in males.  If the couple is having conceiving problems and the sperm count is coming below normal, white salt consumption may well be one of the reason. To absorb the moisture in the atmosphere and to make the salt free flow they add Aluminium Silicate which is even more dangerous and toxic for the human consumption. One major cause for so rampant thyroid related problems is the consumption of white powdered salt. Just keep it simple: Go in For ‘The Rock Salt or The Sendha Salt’.

Ayurvedically Speaking, The White Powdered, Chemically processed Salt, aggravates, Pitta and Kapha, is Non-Unctuous, Heavy, with Hot Potency, whereas,

The Rock Salt – Sendha Salt is Light, Unctuous, “Balances all The Three Doshas”, and is mentioned as best for consumption in both ‘Ashtanga Hridyam’, and ‘Charakha Samhita’.

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