White Sugar Vs Organic Sweeteners

Only if a person does heavy Physical Work, can he digest the normal powdered sugar
White Sugar Vs Organic Sweeteners – Organic Sugar is Big Yes

This change to Eating Habit is Utterly Essential as White Sugar is Toxic-Chemically Processed form of Sugar (Glucose). Now, sugar is of three types, Fructose, Sucrose and Glucose. Fructose is the natural form of sugar, and is easily Assimilable-absorbable-digestible by the human body. I dare mention right here that the fruits containing fructose form of sugar are much better than the sucrose form of the sugar free tablets that are being marketed – including advise given by medical fraternity. Just to sell sugar free, they tell diabetic patients not to eat fruits (or Jaggery or Sugarcane) which contain purely natural sugar, but go for sugar-free tablets, which are Sucrose (Still a Chemically Processed Form!) form of sugar! NO COMMENTS!

Carrying Further: White sugar is obtained by processing of cane sugar, and in the process most of the Nutrients (No Minerals like Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium……., No Proteins, No Fats, No Vitamins (Including Essential B-Vitamins) or Useful Bio-Chemicals) get eliminated. Now, all nutrients in the body get absorbed by the usage of calcium only.

Nutrients are thus borrowed from Body Cells-Tissues to Metabolise The Refined Sugar. Thus more refined sugar one consumes, more chances that one would suffer from deficiency of essential nutrients, more so Calcium, which is essential for Metabolism of almost anything that we eat (Major Reason for Osteoporosis, Uric Acid…is consumption of Refined Sugar).

Also, the end product by the consumption of white sugar is acidic (Might not be visible on a pH Scale but Net effect on Body Metabolism is Acidic). This again is Deterrent to Good Health, a normal/Healthy Body-Blood has pH of about 7.4 – A Bit Alkaline. Any Disease causing Pathogen survives-strives only in an acidic environment, and none can survive in an alkaline environment. Interesting fact is that Organic-Natural Sugars have an alkalising effect on body especially Jaggery.

Hundreds of Research Reports-Studies-Personal Experience of Self/Family-Advise (Advise completely Personal Opinion & Not valid for Medico-Legal Cass!) given to Scores of Sufferers (At the hands of Modern Developments in the eating Habits) on “Changing over from Refined to Organic Sweeteners” have all Pointed only to The Positive Health Effects on Individuals.

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