Wood Apple-Bael Fruit-बेल-Aegle Marmelos-Limonia Acidissima

Properties-Ayurvedic Gunas of Wood Apple-Bael Fruit-बेल-Aegle Marmelos-Limonia Acidissima (V-P=K-): Few other names would be Bilva, Bengal Quince, Elephant Apple, Monkey Fruit and so on…The Tree is considered by Hindus. Medicinal use of the tree is mentioned in various Indian Ancient Scriptures (Including Yajur Veda!) & same has been in use for 1000’s of years. It is Bitter, Sweet, Sour and Astringent in Taste. The Ripe Fruit Pulp is Heavy & Unctuous (Leaves are Light & Dry). Virya (Potency) is ‘Cooling’ & Vipaka (Post Digestive Effect) is ‘Pungent’. The Ripe Fruit Pacifies Vata & Pitta. Being heavy, it is best consumed in Morning-Breakfast Hours.
The Unripe Fruit Pacifies Kapha & in Excess may Vitiate Vata & Pitta. It is Dry & Light to Digest.

Bio-Chemically: It consists of Vitamins (Vitamin-C, B1, B2, B3, B6…), Rich Source of Many Minerals (Such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Silica and Phosphates of Lime and Iron, Zinc…), High in Proteins-Essential Amino Acids & Fibrous Content, High in Fructose, Many essential Bio-Organic Chemicals (Phytochemicals, Phytosterols-Good-High Density Cholesterol, Beta-Carotene, Pectin-Polysaccharide-Natural carbohydrate), Mucilage, Polyphenols (Tannins-Tannic Acid…), Essential Volatile Oils (Such as Thymol)…

Medicinally: The whole of the Plant’s Parts (Leaves-Fruit-Roots) are Anti-Microbial-Immune-Metabolic System Booster (Anti-Viral-Bacterial-Fungal…, Anti-Pyretic [Decoction of Root & Bark], Kills & Expels Intestinal Worms, Anti-Tumour-Cancer, Good for Debility-Convalescence, Anti-Glycaemic-Anti-Diabetic [Especially Leaves Decoction], Expels AMA-Great Blood Cleanser, Haemorrhoids, Peptic-Ulcer [Fruit Pulp and/or Leaves Decoction], Hyperuricaemia……), Anti-Inflammatory (Especially Stem & Root Bark) & are great for Digestive System (Chronic diarrhoea, Dysentery. Half-Ripe-Ripe Fruit is Laxative-CarminativeUseful for Constipation-Indigestion…), Respiratory System (Especially Unripe Fruit, Hiccups, Sore Throat), Circulatory System-Cardiac Tonic, Eye-Vision Health, Excretory-Reproductive System Disorders (Lactation-Especially leaves, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation…), Liver-Kidney Stimulant, Neural Disorders-Neuro-Protective (Seizures, Convulsions…)…

How may we consume Wood Apple-Bael Fruit-बेल-Aegle Marmelos-Limonia Acidissima:

  1. Fruit Juice: Smash open the Fruit, Mix up Pulp with adequate amount of water, The Juice is ready. Use strainer to filter out Juice if it is too fibrous for you. You may, if you like, add Jaggery, Honey, Lemon etc. to taste,
  2. Dried Bael Pulp (Packaged Form),
  3. Wood Apple Tree Leaves: Dry-Powder then & use for making Tea or Decoction and/or Sprinkle onto your Salads/Pulses/Vegetables and/or Half Tsp. Dried leaves Powder with a tsp. or two of Honey Once-Twice a Day (Kapha Disorders)…
  4. Fruit Pulp and even Bark of Other Parts of Tree used as an ingredient of Indian Chutneys,
  5. Decoction of Root & Bark…

Few Specific Remedies:

  1. Metabolic-Digestive System Disorders:
  • Diabetes: Chew 8-10 leaves of Bael fruit daily, empty stomach,
  • Indigestion-Diarrhoea: Few Tsp. of Ripe Fruit with a Tsp. or two of Honey & a Tsp. of Black Cumin Seeds,
  • Chronic diarrhoea and dysentery: Open up the fruit and eat the inner pulp, daily morning-empty stomach,
  • Haemorrhoids: Add 2-5 Pinches of Dry Ginger (Saunth), ½ Tsp. Fennel Seeds & 2-5 Tsp. Fruit Pulp to a cup of warm water and have it few times a day and/or Add a Tsp. of Dried Wood Apple Leaves Powder, Few pinches each of Dry Ginger & Hand Ground Black Pepper & a Tsp. of Carom Seeds to a Glass of Butter-Milk & have it daily afternoon and/or Simply an infusion made of few Wood Apple Leaves dipped overnight in a glass of water,
  1. Respiratory System:
  • General Health (Including for Asthma): Mix up equal amounts of Wood Apple Leaves Extract & Black Sesame Oil, 1/3rd of Hand Ground Black Pepper and ½ Tsp. Each of Black Cumin Seeds & Black Seeds (Kalaunji). Heat-Simmer the mixture for some time. As it comes to room temperature, strain and store the oil. Mild massage this oil to Head/Scalp 30-4 minutes before shower; and/or Make a paste of one Wood Apple Leaf & Mix it with Hand Ground Powder of 2-5 whole Black Pepper. Add this mixture to a glass of boiled A2 Milk and have it after your Early Dinner-Prior Sleep and/or A Tsp. of Dried leaves Powder with a Tsp. or two of Honey,
  1. Circulatory System-Bone Health-Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
  • Heart Palpitations-Hypotension: Daily Morning after your Usha Paan, have an “Infusion of The Bark & Stem”,
  • Anaemia: A Tsp. of Dried Leaves Powder added to a glass of A2 Milk daily night after Dinner,
  • Joints Inflammation-Arthritis: Mix Fruit Pulp with Hot Mustard Oil & apply on inflamed joints and/or Apply Wood Apple Leaves Poultice,
  1. Hepatoprotective:
  • Liver Injury-Jaundice: Mash few leaves into a paste & add a Tsp. of this paste along with 2-5 Pinches of hand ground Black Pepper and have it along with a glass of Butter-Milk every afternoon and/or with a glass of A2 Milk after Early Dinner and/or a Cup of Leaves Decoction with 2-5 Pinches of Black Hand Ground Pepper 7 a Tsp. or two of Honey,
  1. Skin Health:
  • General Skin Health-Skin Allergies: The Fruit Pulp to be Eaten-Drunk in Morning Breakfast, and used as a body Cleanser instead of Soaps,
  • Wound Healing: Externally apply Root Paste few times a day,
  1. Eye-Vision Health:
  • Conjunctivitis: Make Paste out of the fresh leaves & apply on eyes, wash off after some times. Do this few times a day…

Contra-Indications: None Known, but in excess may Vitiate Pitta & Vata. May cause Symptoms such as Distention-Flatulence…

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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