First Aid-Home-Natural Remedies to Animal Bites

The Branch of Ayurveda that deals with Animal Bites is ‘Toxicology-Vishagara-Agada Tantra (Natural-Artificial Toxins-Poisons from Animal Bites…). Also, in regards to ‘Animal Bites’ mentioned below, ‘The Poison’ stays at the location of bite for, say, 60-90 seconds, after which due Vata (The Nerve Force) it would start to enter ‘The Bloodstream’, and hence these 60-90 Seconds, immediately after Bite, are the best to provide First Aid-Other Remedy (Till we get Professional Help-Proper Anti-Venom). For all cases, restrict any movement of Bitten Part/s or The Whole Body.

Snake Bites : Before we get worked up due Snake Bite, it is good to remember that less than 25% of all Snakes are Poisonous. Incidentally, most snakes kill their prey by Squeezing & Not by their Venom. Symptoms (which would appear after some time) would be Pain-Inflammation, Swelling, Redness, Hiccups-Vomiting, Limbs Numbness-Tingling, Increased Salivation-Sweating, Anxiety-Palpitations. If the Venom-Poison does spread, it may even eventually lead to Coughing Blood, Kidney Failure, Limb Loss, Coma…

Few Home-Natural-First Aid Remedies:

  1. What is to be done is to just make a clean cut (Very Minute-Professio

    nal Help, if Available, is always the First Option for this)on ‘The Affected Spot (Puncture an Appropriate Vein) & carefully (Slowly) let out the Blood from The spot for some time (Yet Better would be to Take an old syringe, fine cut it from top, and use it as a suction to such the Black-Vitiated Blood Out-This should be much simpler-safer),

  2. Apply Tourniquet approximately 4-6 Inches above the Bitten Spot (Such as to prevent/delay the spread of poison),
  3. Liberally apply Colloidal Silver (or Potassium Permanganate) on t he cut area,
  4. Vamanam (Induced Vomiting): “Drink Castor leaves Decoction + Coarse Black Pepper Powder”; and/or “Finely Ground Seeds of Argemone Mexicana (Peela Dhatura) => Make a Diluted Solution-Paste in Water => Filter & Drink => This Induces Vomiting/Diarrhoea => Thus System is Cleaned,
  5. Administer ‘NAJA 200 (5 mL Bottle), a Homeopathic Medicine (Put a drop of this on Tongue, every 10 Minutes, for 3 Times. This, as per Late Shri Rajiv Dixit Jee (Who Died Under Mysterious Circumstances), is better and more effective than The Anti-Venom Injection administered by Doctors!! (Do Not Refrigerate or Store in Dark Place-Away from Sunlight),
  6. ‘Drink 3-5 Tsp of Fresh Onion Juice & Mustard Oil every 15 Minutes for few times’, and/or ‘Banana Stem Juice/Decoction few times a Day’ and/or ‘Eat up a Paste of 8-10 Neem Leaves + 2-8 Coarse Black Pepper powder + A Pinch or Two of Black Sale (Sweet Taste indicates Presence of Poison & Bitter Tastes Indicates Absence),
  7. Other few things that may be applied on the affected area are: ‘Paste of Holy Basil Root/Leaves + Neem Leaves’, ‘Mixture of A2 Ghee (2-3 Tsp) & Alum Powder (2-3 Pinches).

Scorpion Bites: If the Venom is of Strong Potency (Severe Symptoms Visible-Redness-Heavy Pain-Inflammation) & Spreads (Through Body’s Vata), it could even adversely affect Heart, Liver, Lungs, Other Organs…Few First Aid-Home Remedies would be:

Scorpion-Scorpion Bite
Scorpion-Scorpion Bite
  1. Point ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ & ‘4’ would remain same from ‘Snake Bite’,
  2. Put a Drop of Homeopathic Medicine SILICEA 200 (5mL Bottle) on the tongue every 10 minutes for 3 times. It pushes Venom-Bad Blood-Abscess out of the Body on its own (Also effective against a ‘Broken Piece of Needle or a Piece of Glass inside the Skin or even a Honey Bee Sting’. For Cases such as ‘Bullet inside Abdomen or a Joint, Potency has to be much higher). Do not Refrigerate the Medicine & keep it out of Direct Sunlight, Store in Dark-Dry Place,
  3. Apply Decoction/Juice of Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata) to ‘The Site’, ‘Nostrils’ & ‘Eyes’,
  4. Drink Juice/Decoction of Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata),
  5. Eat (& Apply) “Paste of Peppermint (Pudina) Leaves”, “Garlic Paste”, , “Neem Leaves Paste”, “Paste of Lime-Stone & Honey”,
  6. Apply Vinegar or Turpentine Oil on Bitten area for relief from Pain-Inflammation.

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