Antagonistic Foods-Viruddha Ahara

Antagonistic Foods work contrary to The Body Tissues (The 7 of them). They cause vitiation of the Doshas, and prevent expulsion of the same. This leads to making (& accumulation) of AMA in the body.
The antagonism may occur due properties of substances in combination, the way (or how much) they are processed, the place or time they are made or consumed, the quantity consumed and so on. The two substances taken together should not be of different Virya, and that the acidic and alkaline stuff should not be taken together.

Types of Antagonistic Foods as per Ayurveda:

  • Place (Desha): This type of Antagonism simply would not arise, if we follow a simple Ayurveda Rule, such that one should consume the stuff available at one’s residing place. In Dry-Desert like areas, it is imperative to consume cold and unctuous stuff & similarly avoid dry-hot-pungent-sour stuff. Similarly, in Marshy areas, unctuous & cold substances be avoided. Doing the opposite is what is antagonistic.
  • Time (Kala): In winters, one must avoid cold and dry stuff ad go for warm-hot & unctuous foods. Doing the opposite is what is antagonistic.
  • Strength of Digestive Fire (Jatharagni) (Koshtha Viruddha): A person having low Digestive fire eating heavy foods cooked in buffalo ghee or a one having strong Jatharagni having meals cooked in Double-Refined oils is severely Antagonistic!
  • Quantity (Proportion of different foods in a meal) (Matra): Few foods in equal quantities are or could be harmful for the body, such as equal amounts of Ghee & Honey (By Weight) and/or equal amounts of Oil & Ghee could be severely antagonistic to the body
  • Satmya (Food habit appropriate to a person or the one person is accustomed to): A young person could be accustomed to hot-pungent foods devoid of A2 Ghee or Coconut oil & suffering due severely vitiated Pitta!
  • Medical Condition (State of Doshas V-P-K) in the body: Vata vitiated patient not to go for dry-rough things at all and similarly Kapha vitiated patients should generally avoid sweet and unctuous stuff.
  • Sanskar (Food preparation methods): Such as overcooked oils/ghee would vitiate Kapha and/or foods cooked in microwaves are carcinogenic and/or foods cooked in pressure cookers are completely devoid of any nutrient. Similarly, having heated honey could be seriously detrimental for the health (As written elsewhere in this website, it vitiates Pitta). Yet another example of modern stupidity would be ‘Deep Fried Potato Chips fried in so called Healthy-Refined-Double Refined Oils and White Powdered Salt liberally used of!!
  • Virya (Potency) and/or alternatively taking foods at extreme temperatures (‘Krama-Order of taste we consume in a meal’ and ‘Samyoga-Combinations Viruddha’): Milk with sour/salty substances to be avoided and/or hot coffee above a soft drink! Similarly, fruit shakes (such as stupid banana or mango or apple milk shake) are real health killers! Similarly Fish has Ushna (Heating) and Milk has Sheeta (Cooling) Potency and hence the two are incompatible. Similarly Milk & Jaggery-Gud not to be consumed together (Black Tea-with minimal Milk may be had!). Under ‘Karma Viruddha’ sweet taste is always digested first and must always be consumed at the beginning of the meals.
  • Parihar Viruddha (Rules of Prohibition): This one is a Killer!! A Modern Medical Businessman telling a patient to have anything while a person is severely ill (I have personally seen this!)! OK, so if one is not well with Mandagni (Low, he/she must have unctuous (A2 Ghee + Back Pepper, and never Buffalo Ghee/Milk) easily digestible light foods/soups etc. and avoid hot-pungent-sour stuff (except fresh lemon in daytime)…….

Resulting disorders due consumption of Antagonistic Foods:
Metabolic-Immune System Disorders (AMA, Fevers, Oedema, Ascites…), Respiratory System Disorders (Clogging of Channels, Spasm In Throat, Rhinitis-Inflammation of inside of Nose), Digestive Disorders (Acid Gastritis, IBS-Grahani Roga…), Blood-Plasma-Circulatory System Disorders (Atherosclerosis, Blindness, Tympanitits…), Skin Related Disorders (Leukoderma, Leprosy, Erysipelas), Nervous System-Mental Disorders (Fainting-Narcosis-Insanity-Epilepsy…), Genito-Urinary Disorders (Impotency, Infertility, Fistula, Gall Bladder-Kidney Stones [Ashmari]), Genetic Disorders and Even Death.
Though, they do not (may not) produce diseases in those who do Physical Exercises, are habituated to Fatty Foods, are physically strong with strong Jatharagni (Digestive Fire), have become accustomed by the consumption of same over a long period of time, or else, the Incompatible Food/s have been taken in a very Less Quantity.

The Modern Bio-Chemistry: Just a few examples…

  1. Ayurveda says not to have Sweet and Sour taste together…Why? The two when taken together hinder the actions of Enzymes Ptyalin & Pepsin. Ptyalin converts maltose to Dextrin & is secreted by Salivary Glands. Pepsin is secreted by Gastric Glands and converts Proteins to Peptones. This, thus would delay the process of digestion and would lead to production of AMA in the body.
  2. Tea & Milk are opposite in Potency and must be avoided together: Milk Proteins Caseins interact with Flavonoids Catechins present in tea & severely reduce their concentrations. The two together may even lead to clogging of channels. Only option then is to avid tea and milk together or milk must be added in really minimal quantity. 

Remedies to counter adverse effects of Antagonistic Foods:      
Emesis, Purgation, Herbs for pacification of Doshas or conditioning-building up of the body…    

Few more Antagonistic Foods:

  • Onion (Very Acidic) and Milk (Very Alkaline) are Antagonistic; Onion is a great friend of Curd.
  • Sour stuff must be avoided after sunset at all cost. 1800-2200 is Kapha time & 2200-0200 is Pitta Time. Sour taste is composed of earth and fire and thus sour after sunset would vitiate both Kapha & Pitta in the body.
  • Things high in Proteinaceous Content (Specific Pulses like Urad Daal or Maa Kee Daal) should not be had with Acidic Things (Curd), as Acidic Environment creates problem in digestion of High Protein content. Thus, Dahi Bada (of Urad Daal) is a Big No No! 

The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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