Bala Thailam- बाला तेल-Country Mallow-Sida Cordifolia

Ingredients of Bala Thailam- बाला तेल-Country Mallow-Sida Cordifolia: Bala actually means Strength & it provides strength even to an Emaciated Person.
Ingredients are: Bala, Mastu, Fermented Gruel, Sesame Oil, Yava, Gotu Kola, Kulattha, Dashmula, Cardamom, Daru, Manjishtha, Kakoli, Jati-Nutmeg, Chandana, Sariva, Kushtha, Tagara, Jivaka, Rsabhaka, Saindhava, Aguru, Punarnava, Ashwagandha, Atibala, Kshira-shukla, Yashti, Vara, Satahva Sarpaparni, Kumkum-Saffron, Twak & Patra, Naga-Keshra and actually quite a few more.

Indications (Medicinal Uses): Pacifies Vitiated Vata (& More), is Immunity Booster (When Taken Internally) & is useful for Ear-Nasal Related Infections (Apply Externally), Fevers (Vata, Vata-Pitta Related), Respiratory System-Oral Cavity Health (Cold, Cough, Asthmatic Attacks, TB, Voice Quality), Neural (Central Nervous Disorders) Disorders (Sciatica, Facial Paralysis, Neuro Muscular Pains, Other Paralysis[Hemiplegia-Paralysis of one side of body], Paraplegia [Paralysis of lower part of body usually due Spinal Injury], Insanity, Epilepsy), Evacuative Measures (Body Massage – Swedana Therapy), Ailments related to Puerperium (Time Period from Delivery of Placenta, through Few Weeks), Injury to Vulnerable Spots/Bones/Joints (Joints Inflammation, Arthritis, Gout), Emaciated Persons, Abnormal Growths (Cysts, Abdominal Tumours), Excretory-Reproductive System Disorders (Retention of Urine, Intestinal Hernia [Inside Scrotum], Genital Tract Disorders, Massage [Mild] of Male-Female Reproductive organs, Promotes Foetus Health).

How may we Consume Bala Thailam- बाला तेल-Country Mallow-Sida Cordifolia: Dosage:
For External Use (Massage, Enema etc.): The way to go is to stay warm after any Oil Massage, and Induce Sweating preferably (as much as possible!). This Clears the Skin Pores and ejects Body Toxins. The oil may be applied on affected areas 3-4 Times a Day.
For Internal Use (The Ones fit for Internal Usage must be marked 101): 5-8 Drops Taken Once or Twice a Day, Straight on Tongue, but Best is with Hot Water [Preferable Taken before Meals]. Drops of Bala Taila may also be used as an additive to other Decoctions.

Contra-Indications: None Unless Taken in Abnormal Amounts.

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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