Benefits of Applying Vedic Cow Ghee & Other Oils to Navel before Going to Sleep

There are numerous benefits of Applying Ghee & Oils to Naval Just prior going to sleep such as…

  1. Vedic Cow’s A2 Ghee: Provides following benefits:
  • Improves Blood Flow-Nervous System,
  • Better Immunity,
  • Soft-Glowing Skin-Face (Keeps Skin Optimally Moisturised),
  • Hair Health (Prevents hair Fall & Keeps Them Silky),
  • Relief from Joint Pains,
  • Acne & Skin Blemishes,
  • Prevents Dry Skin Related issues such as Cracked Lips or Heels or Dandruff,
  • Strong Digestive System (Prevents-Cures Constipation)…
  1. Mustard Oil: Mild-Soft massage of Mustard Oil (Filtered-Unprocessed) on Naval Prior Sleep relieves following:
  • Dry-Cracked Lips,
  • Joint Pains (Applying Castor Oil has also been reported to Relieve Joint Pains),
  • Beneficial for Digestive & Excretory System…
  1. Neem Oil: Mild-Soft massage of Neem Oil on Naval Prior Sleep relieves following:
  • Hair Fall,
  • Skin Disorders such as Dry Lips-Acne-Dark Spots, Other Skin Infections…
  1. Almond Oil (Rich Source of Vitamin E): Benefits in following Ways:
  • Minor Nervous System Disorders (Anxiety-Stress..),
  • Nourishes the Skin…
  1. Coconut or Olive Oil: Improves Fertility (Relieves Vitiated Pitta).
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