Introduction to Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies

Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies are simply the Mind-Body healing Ayurvedic Processes for detoxifying the body. These are also specifically effective at expelling Lipid-Soluble toxins from the body. If one is not able to go to a professional centre for the therapies, few of them at least may be safely attempted at home (Such as mild massage followed by sweating). Why one does need such evacuative procedures, is again because of poor lifestyle and eating habits.

Benefits of Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies:
If one undergoes proper and timely Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies, the metabolic-immune system is stimulated-rejuvenated, diseases get pacified, the body gets proper nourishment, potency is improved and normalcy is restored. Ageing Process is slowed down and one is then able to live a long life free from any sort of ailments. 
Doshas might sometimes aggravate even after treatment with Langhana & Brahmana, but they will never recur if they are subdued with evacuative therapies. Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies simply expel AMA-Vitiated Doshas out of the body through excretory channels (Sweat Glands, Lungs, Urinary or Intestinal tracts and so on…). Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies could be Oiling, Sweating, Emesis, Purgation, Enema, Nasal Therapies and Ayurvedic Smoking (Such as Aromatic Therapies)! Such Therapies make possible a very deep level cleaning-detoxification of the body (Including purification at the Subtle level). They give back the body its Vigour & Vitality.

Promoting Therapy to Follow Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies:
In person reduced by evacuative therapies, the body should be promoted with intake of nourishing diet together with Fresh Seasonal Fruits, Wheat Germ, Butter-Milk, Relishing Vegetable Soups A2-ghee, Milk, Mild Massage and Bath, Unctuous-Non-Unctuous Enema. 
Management of Excessive Evacuation:   Intake of A2-Ghee-Milk and/or oil processed with sweet (Vata-Pitta Pacifying) herbs.
Management of Insufficient Evacuation:   One should undergo unctuous therapies followed by evacuative therapies keeping in view the State of Doshas, Digestive Fire, Physical Strength and/or Medical Condition of the person and The Previous Regimen. Just to elaborate a bit on this, a Person predominant in Kapha vomits easily and the person with minimal Kapha (& say Pitta is predominant) is purged easily.  If Kapha is deficient, emetic drugs (Which were otherwise supposed to induce vomiting) goes downwards [i.e. they become purgative] and if Kapha is aggravated, the purgative drug (which were otherwise supposed to act downwards and expel toxins via faeces-urine) goes upwards [i.e. they become emetic].
The digestive fire becomes dull by Purificatory Therapies, Bloodletting and fasting. Hence, after these therapies a very light diet (Light Gruel, Khichdi etc. with A2-Desi Cow Ghee…) should be adhered to.
Emesis expels Doshas which have not undergone digestion; whereas, Purgation expels Doshas, which have undergone or are undergoing the process of digestion. Hence, for Emesis, one need not wait for the digestion process to complete.

The body of a person who resorts to Purificatory Therapies without undergoing Oleation and sweating therapies, would (or could) break like a dry stick. Otherwise also, Panchkarma Therapies are best avoided for very weak-fragile people, children or people with serious medical conditions.

Follow-Up Practices (or Post) after Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies (Paschat Karmas):

  • Low or controlled Physical work, Pranayama (Anulom Velom), Meditation and as always proper lifestyle,
  • Tailor made Light Diet routine, such as ‘Oil & Ghee is given first’, ‘Seasonal light fruits in the morning’ followed by ‘Gradual introduction of six tastes’.
  • The Sweet Taste is given first followed by Sour & Salty taste.
  • Bitter and Sweet Tastes follow next (Jaggery-Holy Basil-Neem Tea).
  • Astringent and Pungent Tastes would (or should) be given in the end..

Finally, the whole action plan of Evacuative or Panchkarma Therapies:

  • The Pre-treatment (Purvakarma): Snehana & Swedana (Oiling & Sweating).
  • Induced Vomiting (Vamana): Especially for Kapha aggravated Respiratory System Disorders, where even more Kapha aggravating foods are given to induce Vomiting.
  • Purgation Therapy (Laxative Therapy or Virechana): Especially effective in Pitta Disorders. The Procedure effectively cleanses Stomach, Small-Large Intestine, Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Urinary Tract, Sweat Glands and so on…
  • Enema: Especially effective for aggravated Vata related disorders.
  • Nasal Administration (Nasya Therapy): Various types could be such as Virechana (Use of Herbs-Churnas), Nutritive-Nourishing, Sedative-Mental Disorders & Nasal Drops-Decoctions.
  • Bloodletting: Vitiated/Toxic Plasma-Blood enters deep tissues including skin as they overflow from the GI Tract. So this is helpful in cases of serious Liver-Spleen-Skin disorders, but must be done only in supervision of a professional. As is obvious this must not be attempted by anaemic or very weak patients and/or by/on kids or people suffering from Oedema…
  • Follow-Up Practices…

 The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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