Meditational Technique 02: Concentrating on The Spiritual Heart

Basic Preparations & Requirements before carrying out any kind of Meditation shall emain the same such as in the last Post.. Let us now go through the procedure to practice a Meditational Technique: ‘Concentrating on The Spiritual Heart’.

Our Spiritual Heart (Hridaya) is where the Physical Heart is located, slightly towards the right side of the chest. The Heart serves all the Purposes of the Body, as it Supplies Blood to all the Body Parts, and Keeps us Alive. As with Concentrating on Breath, Concentrating on the Spiritual Heart (or, Simply the Pumping of Our Heart/Heart Beat), gives all the Benefits of Meditation. It is a great Meditational technique to get Anxiety & Stress under Control. Please note, firstly It’s Functioning is completely involuntary & Hence can be taken as representative of a Divine Force and Secondly, ‘Chhandogya Upanishad’ categorically states the glory of ‘The Spiritual Heart (I have read ‘Chhandogya Upanishad’ myself and hence no bluffing-whims-fancies are being written here!).

Procedure: Simply Close Your Eyes, and Take All Your attention-concentration-focus to Your Heart-Beat. The rest of the Procedural Steps such as ‘The Posture or Place’, or ‘Removing Distractions’, shall remain all same. Very soon, you will be able to hear/feel the heartbeat, and shall get relieved of all your stress (over time…after days & weeks of practise…but for sure!).

As you do This Meditation, you would feel your breathing going very slow and shallow. We, in this technique, are required to completely take our attention away from our breath and onto the beating of our heart. You could also feel ‘The Heart Pounding or Increased Heartbeat Rate’ during or after Meditation.

Don’t worry at all, if you feel that your mind keeps wandering all over the place! It is very normal and it would take some time before you start getting some control of your mind!

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