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Chlorine is present in the body as the chloride ion (As a Part of Sodium Chloride, which is an essential electrolyte in the body). It is present in extracellular fluid as sodium chloride & within the cells as potassium chloride. Chloride ions are also known to be present in the RBC’s.

Though Chlorine itself (Greenish-Yellow) is a Poisonous gas for The Body.

What Chlorine Does? Performs following functions in the Body:

  • Chloride Ions move freely across the cell membrane and help maintain Osmotic Pressure (Water Balance) & Acid – Base Balance (pH Balance),
  • Essential Counter-Part to the functioning of Gastric Juices,
  • Activates Salivary Amylase ((pH Balance),
  • Provides acidic environment for gastric juices to do their job in the stomach (Production of HCl Acid),
  • Stimulates Performance of Hormones from Different Glands,
  • Prevents Built-Up of excess fats in the tissues,
  • Electrolytes aid in Proper Functioning of Our Muscle Tissues,
  • Combines with Potassium to form Potassium Chloride which forms Essential Hydrochloric Acid in the Stomach.

Reasons for Shortage of Chlorine: Chronic Abdominal Disorders-Vomiting-Diarrhoea, Excess intake of Alkaline Articles leading to Alkalosis, Heavy Restriction on Salts.

Chlorine Deficiency may lead to: Loss of Skin Elasticity, Dry Tongue, Loss of teeth & Hair,

Rich Source of Chlorine:

Plant Sources:           Barley, Wheat, Other Grains, Pulses, Green Leafy Vegetables,

Fruit Sources                       Musk-Melon, Pine-Apple,

Animal Sources:

Other Sources: Salt (But Please go only for Rock or Black Salt).

The Excess of Chlorine (Salt):

Salt Taste (Fire + Water) would lead to Pitta Vitiation – Blood Volume increases, which is usually excreted by Kidneys (As long as Kidneys are working Properly & Enough water is Consumed). The resulting Symptoms could be Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Abdominal Cramps and so on… all of which point to Pitta or Kapha Vitiation.

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:            Exact Quantities not mentioned but we never would run short on this via our salt intakes (Let’s say app. 2-3 Grams/Day).

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