Minerals => Micro-Elements => Iron

What Iron Does? It has a vital role to play in The Metabolic Activity of Blood & Gland. It is an essential component of large number of Proteins and Enzymes. This essential mineral does following:

  • Found in RBC’s/Carry Oxygen rich Blood to all parts of the body,
  • Has a role to play in production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) (Body’s Energy Source),
  • Various Enzymes have This Important Mineral (Iron) in them, such as Haemoglobin (Found in Blood) & Myoglobulin (Found in Muscles)…,
  • Important for Optimum functioning of our Immune System & recovery from Infections and Surgery (Division of WBC’s & Generation of Free Radicals),
  • Has an important role to play in Body’s Cognitive Abilities,
  • Required for optimum cell division in the body – Proper functioning of Reproductory Organs in the Body…

Excess Iron in The Body (which actually results in Deficiency of Other Minerals Especially Copper) gets stored in Liver, Bone Marrow, Spleen, Muscles etc.

Interesting fact to note is that for the proper metabolism of Iron appropriate intake of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-B9, Vitamin-B12, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Iodine and so on…

Reasons for Shortage of Iron: Mal-Nutrition, Blood Loss, Alcoholism, Side – Effects of Medicinal Drugs and so on…

Iron Deficiency may lead to:

  • Anaemia – Fatigue (Lack of Supply of Oxygen-Rick Blood to all parts of Body-Poor Neuro-Development), Heart Palpitations, Pale Skin, Respiratory Problems…
  • Dyspnoea (Breathlessness),
  • Insomnia,
  • Tingling in hands & Feet,
  • Mal-Functioning of Thyroid Metabolism in the body (Including ill-effect on Iodine absorption in the Body) and lead to Hyper-Hypo Thyroid and so on…

Rich Source of Iron: The two iron sources are Heme & Non-Heme. Non-Vegetarian stuff usually provides Heme source of Iron.

Plant Sources (Non-Heme): Dried beans, Peas, Legumes, Whole Grains, Dark Molasses, Green Leafy Vegetables, Chillies, Beetroot (चुकंदर), Kidney beans (राजमा), Cauliflower, Corn, Sesame seeds (काले तिल) (Including Black sesame seeds Oil), Pumpkin Seeds (कद्दू के बीज) (Eat them raw if you can, or else, dip them in water for some period and then have them), Hemp Seeds, Wheat Sprouts, Garlic, Horse-Radish, Lemon…

Legumes (फलियां) are a rich source of Proteins, Minerals and Fibres.

Amazing Fact is Vitamin-C/Lemon helps absorption of Non-Heme iron in the Body (While Calcium would do the opposite – Block its absorption in The Body).      

Fruit Sources:            Pomegranates, Water-Melon, Black Grapes, Dates or Dried Dates, Almonds, Raisins, Cashew Nuts, Dried Apricots…

Animal Sources:        A2 Milk, A2 Ghee, Eggs, Turkey, Chicken, Prawns…

Herbs & Spices:         Fennel Seeds (सौंफ), Black Pepper, Thyme, Parsley…

Occasionally cook your Meals in Wrought iron Utensils (Say 2-3 times a week) and you would never go anaemic!

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:            15 – 45 mg/Day.

Contra-Indications: Excess Iron Stores Lead/or May lead to:

  • Hemochromatosis (Abnormal Accumulation of Iron in Body Tissues-Diabetes, Liver damage, Discolouration of Skin – Mostly considered as an Inherited Disorder),
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome),
  • Heart Ailments,
  • Alzheimer’s Disease,
  • Cancers (Breast cancer)…

And you know what, excess iron is not secreted by the body! and hence, Iron Metabolism in Body is tightly regulated via Hormone Hepcidin (Hepcidin reduces/blocks Dietary Iron absorption, Promotes Cellular Iron Sequestration, Reduces Bio-availability of Iron depending on Body iron Stores).

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