Tin has a strong tendency to bond with Carbon & Form Co-ordination (Metal) Complexes in our Body. Studies have pointed to presence of Tin Receptors in the Body & is found in Brain, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Supra-Renal Glands (Adrenal Glands), Reproductive Organs. It’s complete function in Body is Unknown. In Studies, it has shown Anti-Cancer Properties. It is more Bio-Available in the Alkaline Environment.

What Tin Does?

  • Has a Role to Play in Tertiary Structure of proteins,
  • Enhance Reflexes-Prevents Fatigue-Provides Energy,
  • Supports Good Skin Health – Hair Growth,
  • Provides good Abdominal-Digestive Health,
  • Has a Role to Play in Mood Swings.

Reasons for Shortage of Tin: Un-Balance Diet, Side-Effects of Medicines, Junk Foods…

Tin Deficiency may lead to:

  • Pain-Fatigue,
  • Low Adrenals => Depression – Fatigue – Breathing Disorders – Sleeping Disorders,
  • Skin Disorders-Baldness,
  • Hearing Problems,
  • Rapid exclusion from Diets let to Reproductory Ailments,
  • Abdominal Disorders-Poor Growth,
  • Headaches-Insomnia,
  • Allergies-Asthma
  • Balance of Other Minerals in The Body.

Rich Source of Tin:

Plant Sources:           Legumes, Whole Grains, Nuts, Seeds, Oatmeal, Seaweed (Kelp)…

Fruit Sources:            Barberry, Nettle, Kelp…

Animal Sources:        Eggs, A2-Milk, A2-Ghee…

Herbs:                         Liquorice, Thistle, Couch Grass, Devil’s Claw…

Historical Proof of Tin in our Diet would be The Wide Use of Bronze Utensils in Our Kitchen, which contains Copper & Tin.

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:            Not Stipulated –Variable (But Essential) – Required in Low doses – 1.5-5mg/Day has been shown to adequately meet Tin needs in the Body.

Contra-Indications: Excess Exposure may lead to Respiratory Disorders, Other Organ Damage (Kidney-Liver Damage), Stomach Cancers. Other Toxicity Effects could be Abdominal Mal-Function, Headaches, Palpitations and so on… Severe Toxicity in Men could bring down The Sperm Count & Even Cause Infertility. It, at Toxic-High Levels inhibits absorption of Iron & Calcium due its interaction with the two. Tin Toxicity may also occur by consumption of long stored Tinned Foods. Toxic Effects, though are rare to occur, as it is rapidly excreted from The System.

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