Organic-Natural Alternatives to Chemically Processed Tea-Coffee

Many have been advising to leave tea – I won’t! But write on few Healthy Alternatives to Chemically Processed Tea (Similar Strong Taste but made a bit differently). Tea Per se is not all that harmful as it dilates blood vessels, results in better blood flow and is an anti-oxidant. What I guess screws it up is addition of milk. Also, many studies have pointed to this fact. Few things as to why we need to satisfy the urge for tea a bit differently:

  1. Chemical processing done to get final packed tea does mean that from common sense point of view we might as well look for Organic Alternatives,
  2. White sugar we use in Tea Preparation simply makes it terrible health wise! (Remember the end product of white sugar is acidic, its manufacturing process completely removes calcium – which is must for assimilation-absorption of Nutrients in the body),
  3. Many of the Qualities (V-P-K-Light/Heavy-Fine/Gross-Heating/Cooling) of Milk & Tea (Including Coffee) are exactly opposite to each other (& Thus would form Virudh-ahaar-Controversial Foods) & Researches have pointed to formation of complexes amongst Tea & Milk (Interaction of Caseins-Proteins in Milk with Catechins in Tea [or with chemicals in coffee] forms viscous complexes) (This then destroys relaxing properties of Tea).

Now, Few Organic- Healthy Alternatives to Chemically Processed Tea:

  1. Arjuna Bark – Arjun Kee Chaal + Jaggery (Gur) & Avoid Adding Milk (or Literally very minimal of Milk),
  2. Decoction of Black (or White) Cumin Seeds (जीरे का काढ़ा) + Jaggery or Organic Sugar (Cumin Seeds are Highly Alkaline),
  3. Decoction of Carom Seeds (अजवाइन का काढ़ा) (Carom Seeds are highly alkaline!)+ Jaggery or Organic Sugar,
  4. Other Viable Herbal Tea Alternatives such as Cardamom, Holy Basil, Green Tea and so on…

Friends please remember Honey is never consumed Heated or added to Hot Compounds so I guess adding Jaggery or Organic Sugar or even Molasses are only viable sweeteners. Read this Post on Honey

Again Morning Tea Must always be had after Morning Empty Stomach Water (The Usha Paan). Read/Watch:

  2. Watch My You-Tube Video on Properties-Medicinal Benefits of Saliva:
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