Properties & Usage of Few Specific-Handy Homeopathic Medicines

Please note that is mostly advised to go for ‘Lower Potencies (6-10x or 6-10c) for Chronic Illnesses’ and ‘Higher Potencies (30x-200c) for Acute Conditions’.

  1. Arbor Vitae (Thuja): Warts, Skin Tumours, Severe Acne,
  2. Aurum Metallicum: Depression, Anxiety, Fear!!! (I mean Ayurveda & I say the same thing! Gold (Colloidal Gold) acts on Manipura & Agya Chakra! & is Great for Mental Disorders),
  3. Cannabis Sativa (CBD-Cannabidiol Hemp Oil): Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of body (Responsible for Regulating Eating, Sleeping, Inflammatory Responses, Cognitive Functions…) comprise of Receptors (CB1 and CB2) programmed to respond to CBD. The medicine is helpful in cases of Nervous System Disorders, Immune (Including Auto-Immune) Disorders, Skin-Hair-Nail Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, Reproductory Disorders (Including UTI’s), Oral Cavity Disorders (Including Stammering),
  4. China Officinalis (Cinchona Officinalis): Contents are derived from various species of Plant-Shrub Cinchona. Useful in various disorders such as ‘Nervous System Disorders such as Severe Debility’, ‘Metabolic-Digestive Disorders such as G.I. Tract Infection, Spleen & Liver Disorders (Spleen Enlargement…), Abdominal Distention, Intermittent Fevers’, ‘Circulatory System Disorders’, ‘Respiratory Disorders’…
  5. Lachesis (Consists of Venom Traces of Snake Family Vipers-Lachesis Snake) (Also called bushmaster Snake!): Usually favoured when ‘The Disorder’ starts from ‘The Left Side of The Body’. The Symptoms seem to Peak as the patient wakes up from the sleep. It is a Diaphoretic-Leads to more of sweating. Useful in Nervous, Circulatory System Disorders, Skin Disorders, Digestive-Metabolic Disorders, Reproductory-Excretory System Disorders, Respiratory Disorders… Few ailments in which this could be useful are “Low Energy Levels-Fatigue-Lack of Passion, Relieves Stress, Provides Mental Stability…”, “Regulates Pulse Rate, Swollen joints accompanied by painful movements, Oedema…”, “Scabies (Caused due Parasitic Mite Scabiei)”, “Constipation, High Blood Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar Levels”…
  6. Phosphorous: Useful in Bleeding-Circulatory Issues (Bleeding from Gums-Stomach Linings, Nose, Menorrhagia…), Mental-Emotional Issues (Anxiety, Fear, Tension-Stress-Oversensitivity Towards Others…), Food Poisoning-Nausea, Burning Pain-Inflammation,
  7. Sulphur: Symptoms:
  • At Mental level the person is highly intricate-complicated-has fantasies-ideas of his own, lost in his world, Plans-works hard to achieve them! Can’t keep up with the daily chores (Irritable-Annoying-Discontented-Mostly in Bad Mood-Untidy…),
  • Early Morning Urge to Ease Oneself (Loose-Thin Bowels) eventually followed by Hunger & Burning sensation,
  • Weak Immunity, Hormonal Imbalance,
  • Few ‘Sulphur Deficiency’ Symptoms: Dry-Itching Skin-Scalp, Skin Disorders (Such as Recurrent Occurrence of Skin Boils along with Eczema-Acne…), Severe Headaches-Migraines, Weak Digestive Fire (Mandagni-Leading to Flatulence-Indigestion…), Painful menstruation, Fevers, Impotence….
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