Pure Organic Wheat Grain


What it is??!! These “Whole Organic Wheat Grains” are procured from authentic source/es are Non-Genetically Modified, Organically-Non-Chemically (Non-Urea) Produced, No Chemical-Pesticide-Insecticide-Weedicide used of any kind…
The Wheat Packet is completely Cleaned & Ready to be used for making sprouts!
Indication: Wheat sprouts are high in Macro-Micro-Trace Nutrients & are a rich source of liquid oxygen. Actually, you may go ahead and conform this from any Clinical Nutritionist and/or Dietitian and he/she would swear by its nutritional value!
Direction: To be consumed only in the form of Sprouts & not more than 3-4 Tsp at a time. May be taken with or after your morning fruits breakfast and/or with afternoon salad (Using Cucumber liberally) and/or as late afternoon-early evening snack.
Do try out SH70’s Nucleolus Energy Spread (Sun Dried-Hand Ground Wheat Spouts + Organic Jaggery + A2-Desi Cow Ghee used liberally.
Contra-Indication: As Potency of wheat grain sprouts is quite hot, please do not consume more than 4-6 Tsp/Day (i.e. not more than 2-3 Tsp/At a Time).
Pricing: Just Rs. 111/ for 1 Kg. Packet. Special Discount (10%!) on buying 2 or more packets.



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