The Natural Sweeteners

The Natural Sweeteners
The Natural Sweeteners

Firstly please understand that mention on usage of ‘Raw Sugarcanes, Sugarcane Juice, Sugar Loaf-Semi Hard Sugar Cone, Gud-Jaggery…’ finds easy mention in many of Ancient Indian-Sanskrit Literatures (That would be 1000’s of Years before Christ!). India has been known as original or one of the original homes of sugarcane-sugar manufacturer. The Point is, it was always The Natural Sweetenerswhich were used. Also, processing of Sugarcane-Sugarcane Juice was done to make Gud-Jaggery etc.–Completely natural-No use of any chemicals whatsoever.
Gud-Sugar Production: Early refining process was simply to extract cold pressed juice of sugarcane & mild heating-simmering same or simply drying it in Sun & we had our Sharkara-Gud. Manufacture of so called modern sugar involves spinning of semi-solid crystals (obtained by mild-prolonged heating-Sun Drying of Sugarcane Juice) in a centrifuge at high speed, such as to remove the Syrup (Thus removing most of The Nutrients & Unctuousness!).
Over years-centuries, as Sugarcane-Sharkara production is a labour intensive industry, Sugar Beet-Beet Sugar and/or Corn Sugar did become popular as an alternative. But as far as medicinal benefits are concerned, Sharkara-Jaggery-Desi Khand and Honey shall always remain the best alternatives to ‘So Called Modern day Carcinogenic-Devoid of Nutrients of any sort-White Stupid Sugar!’
Would you believe if I told you, as is documented (Ref. Wiki. & More) that Soft Drink Company Giants Pepsi & Coke used Sugar in other nations but switched to Corn Syrup in US in 1984! Even this is creating health havoc, as expected, as for a person living sedentary lifestyle digesting excess of Natural Sugar-Fructose would be a tough task, and again, anything which will not digest will rot in the body…bringing along whole lot of health-medical issues.
Anyhow, it was only around 1850-1900 when large scale production of this stupid-chemically processed white sugar commenced in India & brought with it numerous health-medical issues which have ever tagged along the life of a normal Indian.
Finally, if you are looking for Healthy Artificial Sweeteners-There are None!! (As per my Interpretations-Understanding of what I have read).

Few Natural Sweeteners are: Sugarcane Juice, Sharkara-Gud, Jaggery, Molasses (Blackstrap Molasses-Made from Cane Sugar-Left Over after the refining process-High Nutritional Value), Honey, Barley Malt Syrup, Maple Syrup, Corn Sweet, Lactose, Coconut Palm Sugar…
Chemical Formula of Sugars: Fructose (C6H12O6), Sucrose (C6H12O11) & Glucose (C6H12O6).

Ayurvedic Properties of the Natural Sweeteners:

  1. All Sugars cure burning sensation Thirst, Vomiting, Fainting and Bleeding Diseases,
  2. Sugarcane Juice (Cold Pressed-Low Speed) is Sweet in taste, Unctuous and Bulk- Promoting. Virya (Potency) is Cooling & Vipaka is Sweet. High Speed-Machine Extracted Juice has Heating Potency!
  3. Jaggery (Gud) may also be produced from palm, Coconut Dates…but the one I have researched-read on or always used liberally and the ‘One that is Part of My Company’s List of Products’ is made of Sugarcane only!             
    Jaggery is Rajasic, Sattvic and adds to Ojas. It has Madhura Rasa-Sweet in Taste, Virya is Warming & Vipaka is Sweet. It dominantly Pacifies Vata & Mildly Pacifies Pitta. Jaggery or Sugars (Desi Khand) made from Jaggery are Unctuous.                                                                                                   
    it is the most pure-unrefined form of sugar and is high in Nutrients such as Minerals (Calcium, Copper, Iron-Prevents Anaemia, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc…), Vitamins (Vitamin B-Complex, B1, B2, B3, B9-Folic Acid-Folate…), Proteins…                                                                  Medicinally, It has positive effects on & Nurtures Body Tissues such as Blood, Muscle, Fat & Marrow. It is good for Bone Health & has positive effects on Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Excretory-Reproductive (Diuretic), Neural System, Liver-Kidney Stimulant and more…2+ Year old Jaggery has the best medicinal properties & is a Blood Detoxifier…

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Few Specific Medicinal Benefits:

  • Metabolic System-Immune Booster:
  1. General Debility: Add a Tsp each. Of Jaggery & A2 Ghee to a Glass of A2 Milk Boiled with a Pinch or Two of Turmeric,
  2. Herbal Jaggery Water: Add a Tap. Or two each of Lemon Juice & Jaggery along with 1 Pinch or Two each of Black Salt & Black Pepper to a Cup of Water and have it Once-Twice a Day,
  • Digestive System:
  1. Gastric Issues-Flatulence: A Tsp. or Two of Jaggery after each Meals,
  2. Hiccups: A Tsp. of Jaggery with a Pinch or Two of Dry Ginger-Saunth,
  • Respiratory System:
  1. Common Cough & Cold (Including Chronic Cough): A Tsp. or Two each of Jaggery & Honey along with 1-3 Pinches each of Saunth (Dry Ginger) & Black Pepper, after Meals,
  • Liver-Kidney-Spleen Stimulant:
  1. Splenomegaly (Enlarged Spleen): 1/3rd Haritaki Powder with a Tsp. or Two of Jaggery & a cup of warm water,
  • Neural Disorders:
  1. Migraines-Headaches: 2 Tsp. each of Jaggery & Melted A2 Ghee added to ½ a Glass of A2 Milk Boiled with 1-3 Pinches of Turmeric prior going to sleep,

Contra-Indications: If not cleaned properly during preparation, or if eaten in excess-over prolonged periods, may give rise to intestinal worms! Excess of anything is bad! To be avoided by people Medical Condition especially High Blood-Sugar-Diabetic patients.
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    1. Best of The Natural Sweeteners – The Honey (Madhu) (V+P-K-): Honey may be derived in various ways. If Pure, Honey is highly assimilable Natural Sweetener. Honey aggravates Vata, is Heavy, Cold, Alleviates Disorders of Raqta-Pitta and Reduces Kapha (Very Effective – If Pure – In Handling Kapha Related Disorders);                                                                                      Note: Honey is useful in small quantity as it is Heavy, Rough, Astringent & Cold.
      Bio-Chemically: It is a good source of Vitamins (B-Complex, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C…), Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc…), Essential Bio-Organic Molecules (Enzymes, Amino Acids, Aromatic Volatile Oils…)…The unprocessed Honey has Low Glycaemic Index.
      Medicinally, it is Anti-Microbial-Metabolic-Immune System Booster (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Expels Intestinal (& More) Worms, Obesity, Diabetes), Digestive Health (Relieves Excess Thirst, Nausea, Hiccups, Diarrhoea), Respiratory System (Expectorant, Cough), Circulatory System-Cardiac Health (Bleeding Disorders, Dyspnoea-Shortness of Breath), Skin Health (Open Wounds, Leprosy…), Eye-Vision Health, Bone Health (Union-Promoting, Heals Wounds)…
      For Kapha-Raqta-Pitta Disorders, it is one of the best vehicle to deliver medicines-herbs to appropriate Organs-Tissues.                                                Few Specific Medicinal Benefits: Firstly, Honey may be freely used Externally & Internally…
  1. Kapha Related Disorders: Daily Morning, a Tsp. or Two of Honey with 2-3 Tsp. of lemon juice and/or 1-3 Tsp. Honey + 1-3 Pinches of cinnamon and/or 1-3 Tsp. Honey with Finely Cut 1-2 Cloves of garlic,
  2. Hair Health:
  • Hair Loss-Baldness: Apply a Tsp. or Two of Honey to your Head/Scalp 30 minutes prior shower and/or A Mixture of 3 Tsp. each of Honey + Curd and/or A Mixture of 3 Tsp. each of Honey + Lemon Juice,
  • Dry Hair-Dandruff: Apply a mixture of 3 Tsp. each of Honey & Onion Juice 30 minutes prior shower,
  1. Eye Vision-General Eye Health: A glass of Carrot Juice + 2-3 Tsp. of Honey + 1-5 Pinches of Black Pepper Once-Twice Day…
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Why Not to Heat Honey: Honey kills, if used after heating it, and by those suffering from great heat, used during hot season, hot country, or with hot foods. Why so, is that Honey includes Nectar of various flowers, and few of them might well be poisonous. Now, any poison has Ushna or Hot properties. These properties might get highly aggravated, when honey is heated or added to hot articles; Hence, the precaution.
But, does no harm when taken with warm water to induce vomiting, or for Enema Decoction.

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