Thyroid, Hyper or Hypo: The Theory

The Thyroid is a small gland, consisting of two lobes and is located along our Windpipe (Trachea), well in normal circumstances. A Tissue, Isthmus, joins the two lobes of Thyroid.

The Thyroid Gland takes up Iodine (Actually, the only cells, which can absorb Iodine), from our food, combines it with An Amino Acid, Tyrosine (Also, found in these two lobes), and converts it into Thyroid Hormones, i.e. Tri-Iodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). The Thyroid Hormones are responsible for our Body Metabolism (Kilocalories To Energy for our Body).

Such, normal Bio-Chemical Mixture consists of 80% T4 & 20% T3, though T3 is much more Potent than T4. Now, our Pituitary Gland, The Master Gland of the Body, produces Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), which directs/stimulates The Thyroid Gland to produce more or less of T3 & T4 to keep them in balance. Also, please note that The Pituitary Gland is responsible for the functioning of the most Hormone Releasing Glands of the body.

Now, this ‘Pituitary gland’, is itself regulated by ‘Hypothalamus’, which produces TRH (TSH Releasing Hormone), which directs ‘Pituitary Gland’, to release TSH, which then regulates the Thyroid Gland.

Now, in a pathological test, a low T4 level could be due a low functioning Thyroid Gland or the Pituitary Gland not stimulating the Thyroid gland to produce enough of T4. Now, in case of low T4, Pituitary Gland would release TSH, and hence if TSH is high, it signifies that Pituitary Gland is working fine, and directing Thyroid Glands to release more of T4, and thus, in this case, Hypothyroidism is due malfunctioning of The Thyroid Gland.

Now, consider, that T4 level is Low, and still The TSH levels are low, this signifies the malfunctioning of The Pituitary Gland, which then would be responsible for the Hypothyroidism.

Now, The symptoms of Hyper & Hypo Thyroid:

  • Hyperthyroidism: (Excess of Pitta and Vata) Tremulous, Irritable, Excess Anger, Anxious, Hysterical, Rapid Heart Rate, Palpitations, Rapid Shallow Respiration, Diarrhoea, Heat Intolerance, Sweating, Menstrual Disturbance, Burning in the Eyes etc.
  • Hypothyroidism: (Scanty Pitta and Vata) (Thyroid or Pituitary Dysfunction, Iodine Deficiency) Fatigue, Loss of Vitality, Depression, Improper Body Development, Anorexia, Anaemia, Constipation, and few more.

I guess we are now ready to go through and implement (With some responsibility & understanding) the Natural Remedies here:                   Remedies for ‘Thyroid, Hyper or Hypo’

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