Understanding Cancers

Cancer is simply Malignant Growth (or Tumour) which results from uncontrolled division of abnormal cells (The cells become abnormal due harmful foreign invading Pathogens). The Body Process, Apoptosis, due which the bad cells die off and the new ones are formed, becomes non-functional, leading to accumulation-piling up of the bad cells in the body, leading to various types of cancers in the body.

I won’t comment much on this, but one is advised to go through the statistics, the loss of life that results by use of various cures for cancer  (Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy…), than by the cancer itself. By The Way, cancer Treatments themselves lead to severe Deficiency of CoQ10 in the Body.

This is because, the ill effect of the treatments on the useful-fully functional body cells, would render them ineffective. This, in turn, as per my understanding, means, that as one keeps taking prolonged cancer treatments (Like Radiation-therapy, Chemo-Therapy…), the body keeps losing its capability to regain its original normal functioning state.

Tumorous Growth in Abdominal Region, especially for women, implies the tumorous growth in Uterus and Breast). Few Symptoms:

  • Mensuration Gets Fully Disturbed,
  • Lot of Blood is Released During Mensuration,
  • Periods Happen in as Short as 12-15 days, or,
  • Period doesn’t Happen for Months, e) Severe Weakness… Confirmation could be done by Sonography.

Researches have pointed to ‘Very Low Level of a Bio-Chemical Coenzyme Q10 – CoQ10 in Cancer Patients. This Bio-chemical is Naturally Produced in The Body, and has Miraculous Anti-Oxidant Properties. It has its highest concentration in our Heart, Liver, Kidney & Pancreas. Also, Low or Falling Levels of CoQ10  leads to various other disorders such as, Chronic Degenerative Disorders (Immune Disorders, Muscular Dystrophy, Periodontal (Dental-Gum Disorders), Muscular Dystrophy, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Infertility and so on…). Following leads to Low Level of CoQ10 in the body:

  • Low levels of Vitamin-B,
  • Scarcity of few Trace Elements required for synthesis of CoQ10,
  • Consumption of Statin Drugs (Cholesterol Reducing Drugs, which effect Liver Secretions…!)

Other causes of Cancer would-could include:

  • Very low level of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is a storehouse of our Cellular Metabolism,
  • Scarcity of Vitamins (B-Complex (B-6, B-12), C, E & Folic Acid)…& much more – avoiding writing same due Medico-Legal Reasons (Regards Super-Biggies!)
  • Deficiency of Macro-Minerals in the Body such as Iron, Zinc…
  • From Ayurvedic Viewpoint, Severe Accumulation of AMA (Layers/s of Undigested Food particles), Vitiating All Three Doshas (VPK), Leading to Severe Intoxication of Body Cells.
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