Understanding Pneumonia – The Theory

Ayurvedically, Pneumonia involves Vitiation of all Three Doshas, as is explained below in correlation with ‘The Modern Studies’. It is simply an infection of Lungs, and could be caused due Virus (Largely), Bacteria or more. Alveoli get inflamed (Vata & Pitta Vitiation), or get filled with Fluids (Kapha Vitiation). ‘Influenza or Flu’ is also a Respiratory Illness, and is caused by virus, and thus Anti-Biotics are not effective.

As The White Blood Cells (Whose job is to fight the external infections – external bodies in the body) are sent to The Lungs-alveoli region, the region/alveoli sacs get filled with fluids-pus (Excess Kapha in the Lungs).

Now, Pneumonia Germs, like all germs, enter through The Respiratory System. If our Respiratory system is not strong, and is not able to prevent the entry of Pneumonia germs or Kill them, these germs enter-attack our Alveoli, settle, multiply and adversely harm them.

Causes: Other than exposure to pathogenic Virus-Bacteria-Other Pathogens (As Mentioned Above) other reasons could be ‘Exposure to Cold Air-Wind’, ‘Swellings in Lungs’, ‘Exposure to extreme weather change’, ‘Suffering Chronically from ailments such as Heart Ailment-Diabetes-Asthma-Cancer…’ and so on…

Symptoms: Constant Pain in Lungs-Chest, Coughing up Sputum (Yellow if Bacterial), Dizziness, Fever-Chills, Fast Heartbeat (Vata Vitiation), Fatigue, Difficulty in Breathing, Diarrhoea (Pitta Vitiation) and so on…

The Ayurvedic Treatment – Coupled with breathing exercises – Coupled with Highly Effective Unconventional Cures (Yuck & Non-Yuck Ones) would easily balance The Three Doshas (V-The Nerve Force, P-The enzymatic Secretions and K-The Plasma Chyle) and eliminate the ailment. Visit Next Post: Natural-Home Remedies to Pneumonia.

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