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Links to The Posts Under The Category “Useful Ayurvedic Formulations”:

  1. Avipattikar Churna (P- VPK=);
  2. Bala Taila;
  3. Dashmula (VPK= V-);
  4. Hingawashtak (V- VPK=);
  5. Kanchanar Guggulu: (K- VP=);
  6. Mahasudarshana (P-K-);
  7. Sitopaladi Churna (VPK=);
  8. Triphala;
  9. Trikatu;
  10. Yogaraj Guggul (VK- P++);

Hope the Posts are Beneficial (For Your Specific Case/s, as May be), and May Assist One to be Away from Toxic Chemicals-Medicines, and Live a Healthy Life Forever.

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