WATER: I am only writing what is feasible from Modern Perspective. Like, the Scriptures state Rain Water to be Very Good, but this not drinkable in these Polluting Times.

  • Water should be consumed in very little quantity by people suffering from ‘Poor Digestive System’, ‘Abdominal Tumours’, ‘Anaemia’, ‘Diarrhoea’, ‘Haemorrhoids’, ‘Duodenum Diseases’, ‘Consumption (TB)’, ‘Oedema’.
  • Cold Water (Clay Pot only!) relieves Alcohol Intoxication, Exhaustion, Fainting, Vomiting, Giddiness, Thirst, and Sun Burns, and is also useful in cases of ‘Aggravation of Pitta, Raqta and Poison’.

The Clay Pot water is million times better as compared to Refrigerated water. The water in Clay Pot, gets cooled by The Process of Latent Heat of Vaporisation, as The Clay Pot is Porous. On the other hand, Refrigerator works using CFC’s, mostly. Now, Chlorine, Fluorine and Carbon, all are poisonous for the Body.

  • Hot water stimulates hunger, helps digestion, good for throat, easily digestible, cleanse the urinary bladder, relieves hiccups, flatulence, Relieves aggravation of Vata & Kapha, Specifically useful for those suffering from nascent fevers, cough, AMA, running nose, dyspnoea, pain in the flanks (upper abdomen/back).
  • Water which has been boiled and cooled, does not increase the moisture content of the body much, is easily digestible. Such a water is ideal for Pitta Vitiated Ailments, and useful in cases of other Doshas also.

Now, here we must understand that our body works at an approximate temperature of 38.8 Deg. Celcius, and more closer the temperature of water that we drink, to this temperature, the lesser work our Blood has to do to get the ingested water to this temperature. This simply implies an optimum level of our Metabolism.

Such a simple solution to stay away from A Doctor’s Clinic for Years!

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